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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by citizenthom, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. citizenthom

    citizenthom Rookie

    Obviously drafts are hard to predict. It's a matter of who's available, who's affordable, who's best on your board, who fills your needs, and above all, gut instinct.

    So here is how I expect the drafts to go at my house tonight while I watch the 2011 NFL Draft:

    1. Carolina Panthers

    Sam Adams Boston Lager

    While some may opt for the flashier beers at the top of the draft, I prefer to go with a safe pick and make my riskier selections on Days 2 and 3.

    2. Denver Broncos

    New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale

    Since I have already had the best Sam Adams on the Board, all sorts of beers could go in this slot. New Belgium is a relatively new addition to the Food City Create-a-six-pack line, but a reliable one.

    3. Buffalo Bills

    Molson Lite

    A huge surprise pick here leaves analysts gaping, much like the C.J. Spiller pick last year and the Aaron Maybin pick the year before. Frankly I don't know how this got in my house; I must have picked up the wrong bottle.

    4. Cincinnati Bengals

    Thunderbird Red Wine

    Like most Bengals picks, you know it's a bad idea. It's going to get you in trouble, and it doesn't even fit with the thread theme. But it's there and nobody else wants it, like most Bengals picks.

    5. Arizona Cardinals

    Guinness Extra Stout

    The Draft Mock gets back on track with a sold pick. This draft has been on the counter since the afternoon that I might enjoy it properly at room temperature.

    6. Cleveland Browns

    Carolina Blonde

    A bit of a surprise pick here as everyone expects them to go with a stout.

    7. San Francisco 49ers

    Sam Adams Noble Pils

    While Noble Pils is by far the lowest-quality Sam Adams Seasonal, sometimes need overcomes proper rankings here and causes me to reach a bit.

    8. Tennessee Titans

    George Killian's Irish Red OR George Dickel White Label Tennessee whiskey

    The former is the most likely pick, but if we take Jake Locker, I'm going to need the latter, and lots of it.
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    JCBRAVE goTitans 2019 Survivor Champion

    I don't know why you'd need alcohol tonight, Jeff Fisher is no longer pulling the strings.
  3. 14u2ponder

    14u2ponder Starter

    I'm really not inspired by Locker. I am at my wits end on who we should draft honestly.

    I just know that I don't want a dumb qb that struggles week after week. I wish we'd have gotten sam bradford. :(
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