2011 NFL draft do over.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, Apr 5, 2013.

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    That's what you get when Al Davis is your owner.
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    I think the Browns may have them beat. The second incarnation of the Browns that is:
    • 1999 -- Tim Couch, 1st: Had one good season, 2002, before being cut after 2004
    • 2000 -- Courtney Brown, 1st: A below average DE who was injured a lot
    • 2001 -- Gerard Warren 3rd: Had an okay career. Would have been a good pick if he was taking in the third round instead of the third over all pick
    • 2002 -- William Green, 16th: More drama than Pacman and Chris Henry put together. Spent most of his career past his first season injured or suspended. His fiance also stabbed him in the back, literally.
    • 2003 -- Jeff Faine, 21st: Underachieved for a few years before being traded to the Saints in 2006 where he did well
    • 2004 -- Kellen Winslow II, 6th: Injured his first two seasons. Second season was because he was playing on a motorcycle. Declared that at 90% he is still better than every other NFL TE. Never proved it.
    • 2005 -- Braylon Edwards, 3rd: Seemed to have more drops than receptions while playing in Cleveland. Went on to the Jets where he did well.
    • 2006 -- Kamerion Wimbley, 13th: Yet another Browns first round pick who did better after leaving the Browns.
    • 2007 -- Joe Thomas, 3rd: Well, I guess every dog has his day lol
    • 2007 (traded away 2008 pick to get) - 21st Brady Quinn: In their draft broadcast ESPN spend most of the first 21st picks feeling sorry for Brady Quinn and wondering why no one would take him sooner. Quinn has since spent his time showing everyone why no one else wanted him.
    • 2009 -- Alex Mack, 21st: After trading down a lot the Browns reached for Mack with the 21st pick. He has had a solid career but the Browns did not get much else out of the picks they gained in trading down.
    • 2010: Joe Haden, 6th: Was caught using PEDs in 2012
    • 2011: Phil Taylor, 21st: Has done pretty good
    • 2012: Trent Richardson, 3rd: After just one year Trent is already living up to his "injury prone" label
    • 2012, 22nd: Brandon Weeden: Browns are already looking to trade him
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    No way man. It seems that many of those Browns drafted just turned out to be underachievers but many of those Raiders are no longer even in the league. I feel that particularly in the last 5 years or so the Browns are doing a much better job in the draft. Joe Thomas is a pro bowler and I think both Joe Haden and Trent Richardson will both make the pro bowl at least once in their career. The Raiders' level of incompetence is unmatched in my eyes.
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    I find it hard to believe JJ Watt would go 8th in that draft let alone 8th in the entire league.
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