2008 Tennessee Titans Draft Analysis

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by goTitans.com, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. onetontitan

    onetontitan Marioto


    so it finally comes to the surface....fisher isn't that great of a coach afterall. I disagree. I think he's too conservative, but he's a good coach.
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Basically using a 4th and our 5th to get hayes was stupid. He would have been there for pick 134 and probably our 5th rd pick.

    Jack Ikegwuonu was a second rd talent at CB who could have been had with either of our first 2 4th rd picks. He would have been a great pick up there at a need position.

    We could have had jamaal charles in the 2nd rd or slaton in the third. Is johnson so much better than them?

    I do like three of our picks very much. I like jones as a physical run stopping end, i love our Te pick and i think kegler where we got him was great value.

    KTOWN TITAN Orca Fighter

    Hey tide could you put in some calls? Tell MR how sick DJ hall is. Bring him in. He could be our Colston...
  4. wycheck28

    wycheck28 Starter

    i have been very negative about alot of the decisions that the titans have made over the last month so now all thats left to do is focus in on a few of the positives about this coming year... i just hope i am wrong about everything i have been complaining about over the last couple of weeks .. i hope pacman plays one game next year and than gets injured... i hope we finally sign big al to a contrct extension... i hope jevon kearse makes me eat my words and proves to me and the rest of the world that he's not a has been and still has some gas left in the tank...i hope chris johnson turns in to this years adrian peterson... i hope 3 of our last 6 draft picks make the 53 man roster.... i hope our current wr step up and prove to us that we didnt need take a wr high up in the draft... hope, hope,hope thats all we have left... and one last thing the ny giants won the superbowl last year so that means anyone( including the titans) can win it all..
  5. GoT

    GoT Strength and Honor


    With all the draft excitment I must have missed Schwartz being fired
  6. Big TT


    For those (myself included) wanting a 1st Round WR

    This just in, the Titans are a running team, we run the ball a lot. We throw to te, then to wr. Always has been under Fisher, always will be. Now, looking at the draft from that point of view it was great, C. Johnson is the change of pace (think a faster B. Westbrooks) that Fisher and co. have always wanted. We are not going to chuck the ball around like panty and the prancing ponies, we are going to, if it goes well, run the ball 35-40 times, beat the heck out of you with our Lines and take a few shots when you start sneaking up your safeties and corners for run support. I did think it was odd (well maybe not) that none, I repeat none of the "top wr" went in the first, in fact two others went before any of the "top" wr went off the board.
  7. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    Do you even know the Titans history with WRs? What makes you think a guy no team thought worthy in the first would make a difference?
  8. jessestylex

    jessestylex DeadGirlsCantSayNo


    It's really not his coaching skills, he plays a roll in what he thinks the teams needs and who they need. We got 4 more years with him. lets hope he can turn it around.
  9. titansfan769

    titansfan769 Starter

    yea this is a good point, but it just woulda been nice to grab Thomas or Sweed, but everyday i warm up more and more to the Johnson pick
  10. titans2002

    titans2002 Camp Fodder

    2007 NY Giants Draft

    At the Super Bowl the so-called experts could not help gushing on and on about the Giants draft in 2007............Here is what they said the day after the draft and their grade............

    ]New York Giants: GRADE: C-
    I would have gone differently with the Giants’ draft. Cornerback Aaron Ross has very good ball skills but not great catchup speed. I was surprised they didn’t take left tackle Joe Staley because they need someone who can protect Eli Manning’s blind side. The Giants took offensive tackle Adam Koets in the sixth round and even passed on left tackle Jermon Bushrod. If they had taken Staley, they could have drafted Eric Wright from UNLV instead of WR Steve Smith. I would rather have had Staley and Wright, but Smith is a good receiver and will be someone who holds onto the ball. Zak DeOssie was a really good long snapper in college and, at worst, will be a backup linebacker in the NFL. Kevin Boss (fifth round) is a natural pass-catching tight end with speed and has a chance to make an impact in the passing game. Safety Michael Johnson was a good pick in the seventh round but needs to be more physical.
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