2007 NFL Combine Review

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    SUMMARY: Well, after all of the buildup the 2007 NFL Scouting Combine in now in the books and as always there were successes, surprises, disappointments and everything in between. The following is a quick position-by-position look at some of this year\'s notable performances, both good and bad:

    Any potential for huge storylines from this position went out the door when both JaMarcus Russell of L.S.U. and Brady Quinn of Notre Dame opted not to work out in Indy. These two did manage to make some headlines however... Russell weighing in at a soft 265lbs. raised some concerns over his work ethic and conditioning...

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    Landry looks like a total stud. I doubt we move up to get him but I'd consider it. I can't beleive he ran a 4.35. That is the type of guy we need playing center field for us. Fisher might even play him ahead of Thompson if we drafted him in the first round (maybe).
  3. yea i agree, i really wish that we could get him, cause he looked really really good in the last game that i saw him play
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