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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Big TT, Dec 19, 2005.

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  1. Big TT

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    Ok, I have been recently hearing on talk radio about the 2007 season being "un-capped". What does this mean exactly. Does this mean as part of the bargaining agreement that anything goes $$$ wise this one season and no cap to worry with. If so could be the way McNair stays, moving his payday into that season would mean two more years, which would be about right if we draft a QB that needs some "aging" like a Cutler lets say. Just wondering.
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    JMHO - no way NFL owners will allow a totally uncapped year, Snyder will just give every UFA in NFL 10x whatever the next closes offer is.

    I think owners would do a lockout/replacement before they would allow this to happen.

    Seems to be a negotiating ploy to get more revenue sources tossed onto the CAP pile.
  3. An uncapped year means that teams don't have any actual spending limit (either maximum or minimum). Danny Snyder could realistically spend $200M on players, ala Steinbrenner, and try to buy a Super Bowl. On the flip side, Bill Bidwell could field a team in Arizona that costs him just $20M and try to just make money.

    But don't bet on Bud being a big spender if 2007 is uncapped. Small market teams are more likely to look like small market baseball teams, trying to win on a budget, while the big market teams with deep pockets could go all out.

    They wouldn't do a lockout before an uncapped year. There is still a CBA in place. Plus, the player would have their own problems. 4 and 5 year veterans wouldn't be eligible for unrestricted free agency. Plus, they could get lowballed since there is no minimum salary. We could sign some veteran for $100k if no one else would take him. The league also wouldn't be funding retirement plans or insurance for players.

    In the end, it's highly unlike that the owners and players let it get that far. I fully expect a new CBA to be in place within a year.
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