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    this is not a spoiler, just gonna tell you what i thought about the movie...

    If your looking for a Bloody, Gorey, Saw/Hostel, with lots of guts and organs spilling onto the floor, then this movie wont satisfy any of those needs. so put down your chain saw and scizzors, and watch a TRUE horror movie without the sickness, a movie that makes you jump and shiver, not puke. 1408 wasnt that great of a movie, but it was nice to see King make a horror flick that didnt involve a razor blade AT ALL. the movie was almost a reflection of a previous movie, "Phone Booth" in the sense that it was a "one man show" only difference was phone booth was action and 1408 is horror. plot wasnt great, story line was "ok" beggining was above average, the segment 3/5 of the way in sucks, but the ending is ALMOST genius. if you see the movie, watch out.

    Critics Rating: 7.4
    My Rating: 7.4
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    I'm actually excited about seeing this one after reading a rave review in the Maui Times.
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