14 years

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by razordaman, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. GoT

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    its a temporary setback

    1 step forward 9 steps back, hug your buddies and do it again
  2. minarets

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    I like him because I think he can be good. I mean when put in position to be a ball hawk he can be good, I think. I mean, he used to be pretty decent when we had other decent defensive players that did their jobs. Now, Griff seems to be involved with virtually every other play because 11 other guys let the man with ball go right by...

    Is he playing well, of course not. Whomever named him Wiffin, is so true. Laying the wood aint his game. This isn't Bishop back there. He needs to roam and play center field. Right now he looks lost.
  3. GoT

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    'la Vagician' would only look 'not lost' in a Summers Eve commercial
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  4. Titaneers

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    so easy... oh so easy to say that this is the worst season blah blah blah... and no wonder.. this is the present.. the feelings of the past are overshadowed with the present... either you haven't been a titans fan for long or you just dont remember the 09 season... loss after loss after loss with no end in sight..
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    giving up 30+ EVERY game is pretty real badder than 09
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  6. RavensShallBurn

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    2009 first five games

    Titans 10 Steelers 13 (OT)
    Titans 31 Texans 34
    Titans 17 Jets 24
    Titans 17 Jags 37
    Titans 9 Colts 31

    Points scored per game: 16.8
    Points allowed per game: 27.8

    2012 first five games

    Titans 13 Pats 34
    Titans 10 Chargers 38
    Titans 44 Lions 41
    Titans 14 Texans 38
    Titans 7 Vikings 30

    Points scored per game: 17.6
    Points allowed per game: 36.2

    Also, in 2009, we actually had a turnaround season and finished 8-8, competing for a playoff spot the last few weeks. It simply can't and won't happen this year. At the very, very best this is a 5-11 team. But an honest best-case scenario is 3-13 in my eyes.
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    Worst in Titans history. Worst in franchise history was 1994. In 1993 the Oilers were in a 3 way tie for best record in the league. 1994 they had the worst record in the league. 1994 was the first year of the salary cap which led to:
    • Replacing Warren Moon with Cody Carlson -- a below average career backup
    • Replacing both starting guards -- One of whom is coaching the team now
    • Replacing both starting DE
    It was a terrible year :facepalm:
  8. TitanJeff

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    The offense didn't look in sync at any point when the game was in reach. I hear Munch talk about finding something that works and building around it. As far as I can see, nothing works.

    I can't blame coaching 100% when the players don't execute. Example: Vikes blitz and no WRs cut their routes or even turn around to look for the pass. That's an offense which isn't on the same page.

    The Titans are a team without identity.
  9. GoT

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    well they do have an identity ...
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