10 Questions for Titans Fans 4/17/07

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by SwingOnDeezBalz, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. SwingOnDeezBalz

    SwingOnDeezBalz Banger of Infant Horseys

    1) Does Pacman's year-long suspension count as a part of Vince Young's Madden Curse?

    2) As the Titan's GM, how far would you be willing to go to aquire Calvin Johnson thus pairing arguably the most talented WR in the NFL with the most talented QB in the NFL?

    3) In the amazing, albeit improbable event that the Titans made a run at the Super Bowl this year.....
    3a. Who would you CHOOSE to beat on your road to the Lombardi?
    3b. Would Pacman get a ring?

    4) McNair in his prime or Vince Young right now?

    5) What is worse, getting skull stomped by Albert Haynesworth once during a game, or having to smell a sweaty Albert Haynesworth for an entire game?

    6) You're in a fight. Name two Titans --past or present--that you'd pick to help you.

    7.) If you could create the Music City Miracle Part II, how would it unfold?

    8.) Nick Harper's wife stabs him before games. Does this pump him up, or give him a disadvantage?

    9.) If you knew that Ohio State's Teddy Ginn would be just as good of a return man as Devin Hester, but no better a WR than Dante Hall, would you spend a 1st round pick on him?

    10.) What, if any, set of circumstances would you demand (you can have anything or do anything imaginable) if it meant that you would die in 6 months?

  2. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    1. no
    2. i would be willing to give up our entire draft, but i have a huge man-crush on him.
    3. ravens
    4. mcnair
    5. skull stomping
    6. albert haynesworth and bruce matthews
    7. VY 90 yard td run with five seconds left in the super bowl
    8. i would guess a disadvantage
    9. no
    10. play in a big-time college football game.
  3. DCtitan49

    DCtitan49 Guest

    1) No, because the suspension was given before Vince was officially on the cover.

    2) Swap of First Rounders, This years 2nd and next years 2nd, far as i would go.

    a. 1st round- Pittsburg Steelers 2nd- New England Patriots 3rd- Indianapolis
    Superbowl- Washington Redskins
    b. if he doesnt play all season no, if he does play in at least the playoffs then yes.

    4) Vince Young Right now, gotta love vince

    5) Skull stomped by his metal cleat

    6) Albert Haynesworth, and Jevon Kearse

    7) Antoher last second kick return against the colts to go to the superbowl

    8) advantage, gives him the ability to sense fat people fumbling the ball, so he can pick it up and run it back 55 yards then get armed tackled by the quarterback, but this time, we have Rob Bironas.

    9) yes

    10) Infininate Money

    My Grade = 100% A+
  4. deeluxx3

    deeluxx3 Camp Fodder

    that was fun
  5. 2ToneBlue

    2ToneBlue Starter

    1. No
    2. I'd try the same as we did last year to get the best RB to ever step on the field since Barry Sanders (as some claim). End result, wait for another to come around or wait for him to become a free agent.
    3. The opponent does not matter, I dislike every NFC team the same. Pac would get a ring yes, he is a part of the team.
    4. Vince
    5. Smelling him would be awful, but his big boot on my skull wouldn't be an improvement, Give me the sweaty stinky fat man!
    6. Bruce Mathews, and Pacman Jones - Bruce would be the hammer, plus no one could get near me with him in the way and PacMan, he likes to fight so he'd be a good choice, least he won't back out of a fight!
    7. Pacman getting his suspension removed completely, with an appology hand written and sealed with a kiss from Goodell
    8. Harper loves the pain! Stab him before every game.
    9. Yes, because no one knows how he will progress as a WR, he's only been doing it since being converted from DB in High School. You can't find people with his speed and explosiveness.
    10. Two Words: Jessica Alba! I'd make her my circumstance :lol:
  6. 1) No, suspension was before the Madden cover announcement...

    2) Next years 1st, this years 2nd and 4th...

    3a. Steelers, Pats, Colts...
    3b. Yes...

    4) McNair...

    5) Dude, getting stomped in the head...

    6) Pacman, Big Al...

    7.) Going underfeated throughout the playoffs on home soil this season...

    8.) Disadvantage, come on...

    9.) No, maybe if we got him late first and we had an extra 2nd and 3rd, which we would use to get another 1st...

    10.) The answer to life, the universe and everything...
  7. mdfan

    mdfan Starter

    1. No, but the Young sig Swing will be wearing after losing a bet to one of us in week 2 will counter any possible effects of the "madden curse" :)

    2. Trade our first and second rounders

    3. a) Indy, Ravens, and Pats
    Superbowl against AZ Cardinals :))
    b) if he comes back during the regular season because he turned things around yes

    4. Vince


    6.Bruce Matthews and Kyle Vanden Bosch

    7. Chris Hope returns an interception 99 yards to give the Titans with 5 seconds left to give the Titans the victory

    8. disadvantage

    9. no

    10. no money worries
  8. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Guest

    1)No it came before the announcement
    2) Wouldnt attempt it. Too much to get him..
    3a) Green Bay. Id love to see them make it then beat Favre.
    3b)Of course
    4) Mcnair with out a doubt.
    5) No comment
    6) Keith Bulluck and Bruce Matthews
    7.) Down 21 to 20 to the Colts in the AFC Championship game , Colts just score and are kicking off to the Titans with 10 seconds left on the clock , the ball gets kicked high up in the air , its caught by Ryan Fowler at the 35 yard line he runs up 3 yards , pitches it back to Cortland Finngan , Finnegan runs straight across field , hands it off to Pacman Jones on a reverse , 40 , 50 , 40 , 30 , 20 , 10 , 5 hes got it , endzone! touchdown Titans.

    8.) No comment
    9.) :grrhee: My boy
    10.) UMM cant say in here lol
  9. theprizdfighter

    theprizdfighter Newb to the 19.5°

    Remember, the Music City Miracle II has to be in the Music City.
  10. oochymp

    oochymp Camp Fodder

    I don't think so, it was before the announcement, although I can't say I'd mind if that was all the damage we got this season

    Not as much as it'd take. As much as I'd like to get him, it'd probably take our entire draft, and this year's draft is very deep at the WR position.
    If you really want an amount, first and second this year + a conditional first or second next year based on production

    a) WC: Ravens Div: Chargers AFCC: Colts SB: Rams
    b) yes


    I'll go with option B

    Keith Bulluck and the Freak

    We're facing the Rams in the Super Bowl, down 23-16 with 6 seconds left no timeouts (sound familiar :ha: ) ball at the 50. The play breaks down and Vince starts running, he breaks at least 3 tackles, then gets hit at the five, but manages to flip the ball to Ben Troupe who takes it in for the score and Bironas' PAT wins it, and we have our revenge :yes:

    Advantage, ever seen Gladiator?

    No, I'd take him in the second but that's it. Keep in mind we wouldn't need the returning once Adam gets back

    I think I'd get banned for posting it :brow:
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