10/8 Power Rankings

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Ryan, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Ryan

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  2. GoTitans3801

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    We don't deserve to be in the top 5 right now. We saw on sunday how much work is ahead of us, and how many problems that there are with the team. Now, if we take that bad game, and recover from it with a strong showing sunday against the bucs, then we deserve to be commended. But, after two days ago, we shouldn't be at or on the cusp of the top 5. Maybe in the 9-11 range.
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    GoTitans3801: I don't entirely disagree, but what 8 to 10 teams would you rank ahead of the Titans?
  4. GoTitans3801

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    Pats, Colts, Cowboys, Packers, Steelers- definitely
    Redskins-Solid wins except against the giants, and the giants have looked hot and cold
    Jags- they've had several convincing wins in the last few weeks, we just eeked by yesterday, I'd put them ahead of us just barely at the moment, though I understand people who disagree

    That's 7, making us 8. I would say we're in a tier with the following teams, meaning I wouldn't strongly object to being one spot behind any of them in particular...
    Panthers- beat falcons and saints, but if we beat the bucs next week we'll be definitively ahead
    Cardinals- I have faith in kurt warner. They lost both games by a FG, and have dealt with changing QBs well.
    Seahawks- solid team, beaten yesterday by a better one, hard to say that we're definitively better

    I could see us argued reasonably anywhere from 8-11. I understand that it's fun to argue that we're the best we can possibly be, but that's not what we saw yesterday. I'd give a couple of others the benefit of the doubt. It's about your momentum at the time, and we lost some on sunday while others gained it.
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    We can agree that the Colts, Cowboys, and Pats are most likely better. I'll even buy that the Steelers and Packers are possibly better. The Redskins admittedly looked pretty good yesterday, but as for their other scores:
    MIA 13, WAS 16
    WAS 20, PHI 12
    NYG 24, WAS 17

    They beat a winless team by 3, beat a perplexing Philly team by 8, and lost to another up-and-down team in the Giants by 7. I'm not convinced about anything on their team. Campbell had a career day for them to win against one of the league's worst passing defenses this week, so we'll see how it evens out. As it stands, we may be equally good...I don't see the argument either way, really.

    You knew you'd catch flak for the Jags statement, and here it is. They are simply not better. As everyone knows, we beat them, and while the scoreboard won't show it, we did so convincingly. That aside, look at their other games:
    ATL 7, JAX 13
    JAX 23, DEN 14
    JAX 17, KC 7

    So as for our common opponent, the margin of victory is similar, albeit we looked pretty trashy getting there. Arguably, we played the better Atlanta team, as Harrington was coming into his own, but regardless, that win is at least similar. They also beat a team in Denver that really got exposed this week at home by San Diego, and they beat KC, allowing only 1 score on the last play of the game. KC is awful, though, and everyone knows it.

    Do I think our crushing of NO (a poor team) on the road, domination of the Jags, close loss to the undefeated Colts, and lucky win at home against Atlanta constitute being a better team than JAX and WAS? We're probably better than Jacksonville, and about as good as Washington.

    This wasn't nearly as combative as I thought, but anyway I think we're a Top 5 defense and probably the 6th best team.
  6. GoTitans3801

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    I'd agree that we're a top 5 defense, at least right now. We make that list both on yards and points allowed.

    We might not be worse than the redskins, but we look worse right now. My approach to the power rankings is to use the most recent evidence about a team's momentum into the evaluation. Power rankings are not simply standings, so the quality of recent wins factor in more heavily than they otherwise might. That's the main reason why right now, I'd say Washington would be a little higher than us. They just had a very solid win over detroit, who has been better than expected, and we just barely hung on against a struggling ATL team.

    You said we played the better ATL team than the Jags did, citing that Harrington was coming into his own, but you should also take into account that he was pulled from the game because of his performance. He didn't look good yesterday. I credit our defense, but you can't really say that he was playing well. I'd say ATL and KC are pretty close in quality, and they played a strong game against KC, while we played a bad game against ATL.

    This is fairly subjective, and I understand your points, but can't agree with them for my view of power rankings for this week. This week, we don't look better than Jax and the Skins.

    Also note, our "crushing" of the Saints wasn't exactly that. It wasn't even as solid a win as the Jags against KC yesterday. New Orleans, up until midway through the third quarter, looked like they could turn the tide and win that game. The problem was that they collapsed in the 4th. The Jags controlled their game yesterday, and KC didn't really ever have a shot.
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  8. titan_fan_4ever

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    Cole rankings - 5th
    "As for the rankings themselves, it's worth noting that three of the four teams from the AFC South are in the top 12 and Houston isn't too far out of the mix at No. 19. While the AFC North is still fearsome, the South is the best division in football."

    Robinson rankings - 5th
    "Tennessee and Jacksonville seem a little inflated at No. 5 and No. 6, particularly with quarterbacks that don't seem all that spectacular in the passing game, but all they do is win."

    ESPN - 7th
    "For the fourth time since Jeff Fisher became head coach, the Titans have started 3-1. Good news for Tennessee: On those three previous occasions, they made the playoffs."

    Foxsports - 6th
    "The Titans didn't win pretty on Sunday, but a win's a win, and Tennessee will take 'em any way they come. Vince Young struggled, going 20-of-33 for 157 yards en route to throwing three interceptions without a touchdown. The defense carried the load, though, holding the Falcons to under 200 yards of offense and forcing three Atlanta turnovers. With the game on the line, Kyle Vanden Bosch came up with a crucial fourth down sack, sealing the 20-13 win. The 3-1 start hasn't gone to the Titans' heads, though. Linebacker Keith Bulluck explained after the game, "As a team, we have to come together and start playing like it. We're 3-1, and it could be a lot worse." Gritty, humble, and defensively sound — it's been a great start of the season for Tennessee."

    Vic Carucci | NFL.com - 6th
    "The Titans need to win because of Vince Young, not in spite of him."

    CBSsportsline.com - 6th
    "They got away with one against Atlanta. If that was a good team, those five turnovers would have cost them. They have a tough one at Tampa this week."

  9. GoTitans3801

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    Maybe instead of a new thread, this could just go in the power rankings thread?
  10. Ryan

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    I made one but put the wrong date on mine. Can a mod merge the 2 threads and just name This weeks Power Rankings or something
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