'07 NFL Draft: Grade Day One

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Wow, another surprise as this really doesn't address any of the Titans major holes at wideout, cornerback and defensive end. Griffin is a good player and I don't have a problem with him going this high but how does he fit in with Tennessee? They are solid at one safety spot with Chris Hope and while they don't have a stud opposite him they do have a bunch of guys they supposedly liked. Griffin definitely has the timed speed of a cornerback but I certainly can't see him playing there on a full-time basis. I really thought this would be Robert Meachem so this one is kind of shocking."


    "The most overrated player in this draft from my point of view but they needed a running back."


    "Has all of the physical tools and then some but he was not really productive in college."


    "Another surprise pick who wasn't all that highly rated (at least in the guru community) and doesn't address either of the Titans' major needs."


    "I don't like this pick. I think Griffin is a little stiff and the Titans need help up front and at recevier. Lamont Thompson isn't a great player, but this is a little puzzling."


    "The Titans currently have 0 NFL wide receivers on their roster."
    He's not going to make any tough catches over the middle and he doesn't play nearly as fast as he is. The skills and the measurables are there; now the heart has to follow.

  2. jfrancis04

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    Darren McFadden...oh wait, we have Chris Henry.

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    I like Griffin, but it may have been a bit of a reach. Would guys like Meach, Bowe, Branch, or Spencer not have been better? I'm not too worried about those questions as I am glad to have another very good starter beside Hope (hopefully). B+

    After our past experiences, something tells me to go more for proven performers over workout warriors. As far as needs, I really think RB could have waited. Then there were players there that could have helped us at positions of greater need. But because he didn't play a lot in college, and there seem to be some reasonable excuses for his production (I noticed on his highlights that there seemed to be a lack oh holes), I have hope that we found something. Overall it's still a D to me.

    And then Charles Johnson slipped right through our hands. Tyler or Wade would have been nice too. I'd still give DE a slight edge in need over WR at this point, and it seems Johnson would have been the better prospect. Williams seems to have some upside though, and there was a serious run on WR's that hurt our chances for one in the 4th. I'll give it a B-

    Professor Bob gives the final grade for this semester - C
  4. C+

    Griffin is the only guy with real college production.
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    Can I start typing "Hindfelch" yet?
  6. sirjesse

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    rating mike in the past 24 hours/random musings of a hillbilly Titans Fan

    I finally got to know our new gm a little better. he is a guy who drafts not proven talent, but people with longer limbs and faster times....and all the other non intangibles that happen on a football field.

    In the past 24 hours:

    1-We did not land Michael Turner
    2-We did not land Mike Williams.
    3-We drafted Chris Henry to replace Travis Henry.
    4-We drafted Paul Williams, who is no Mike Williams, and I do not see how he seperates himself from Brandon Jones, Courtney Roby or Roydell Williams. But he has long arms, and he runs real fast without shoulder pads.
    5-Pac man still isnt on the field, and we still have not drafted a corner.
    6-Our decent DE still needs help from the other end besides Odom and oh boy laboy again.
    7-Robaire Smith is still not on the roster. Long will not be injured, haynesworth will not step on no one else, nor fight no one else, nor have to worry about job security.
    8-Peter Sirmon still rode off into the sunset.
    9-Vince Young now has more weapons. Too bad they only tear it up monday through Friday.
    10-Keith Bullock cannot be in any better mood today than he was yesterday, or last year, or the year before that. He is not getting any younger.....

    I certainly feel I know Mike R. better today than yesterday. He sure aint no Floyd R.
  7. im happy with the pics, and i think this could turn out to be a really good draft, it just seems like these guys werent in the right offense, griffin not included, hes gonna be a stud for us
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    D overall. Below average. In hindsight, it looks like we were forced into some of these picks when we let some players go in FA, and didn't make a move to address some of our many needs in free agency prior to the draft.

    Griffin. I like the pick at safety. Lamont has been the weakest link on defense for a while and this is a legitimate replacement, although I wonder if Nelson would've been the preferred pick here.

    Henry. 4th running back off the board - and couldn't nail down the starting job on his college team. Very worried about this pick. I wreaks of drafting football potential but not a football player. Less than 1000 career rushing yards. something like 3.5 yard/carry and apparent attitude issues to boot. Coaches blame the system for not utilizing him correctly, but do you spend a second rounder?

    Williams. 3rd round WR are probably going to be projects, but it's disappointing that he also didn't really put up much numbers in college either. Fresno State wasn't exactly going up against the best defenses in the world, and his numbers should've been better if he's going to compete with NFL corners. just over 1000 receiving yards in his college career. Questions about desire - is his heart in the game?
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  10. im not, we dont need a DE we are too good
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