'06 NFL Draft Interview: Matt Leinart

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by goTitans.com, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Vigsted

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    Chow doesn't leave if we don't draft Leinart, he's not a 5 year old kid who gets upset if his parents wont buy him a new toy.

    If anything I think Chow wants the quarterback with the most potential for further development, since I seem to remember reading that teaching young players was what he enjoyed the most about his job.
  2. TitanicDane

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    Good read TJ, seemed to me like Todd Harmonson gave us his honest opinion about Leinart in the interview.
    As for which QB i want to Titans to take, my mind keep wavering between the 3. I do think Leinart is the most proven of the top prospects, but there are 3 things i dont like about him (and all 3 were addressed in the interview aswell):

    Harmonson says that he's healed quite well from them, but this to me is still a major concern.

    Accuracy and consistancy on the deep ball and the strenght to throw it.

    Harmonson lists these concerns aswell and acknowledges that Leinart doesn't have a cannon like Carson Palmer. But basically says that Leinart has the strenght to make all the throws.
    Still this is somthing Leinart has to prove to doubters like me at his pro day, i guess.

    Each time i hear someone compare Leinart to Tom Brady it makes me sick. And the fact that he himself stated he was a Tom Brady-like player at the interviews at the combine, makes me dislike him even more.
    This kid isn't anything like Tom Brady untill he has proven himself, in pressure situations at the pro level. As far as i recall Tom Brady wasn't much either untill Bledsoe got hurt and Belichick decided to keep riding his young QB all the way to the superbowl.
    To me this seems like some sort of cheap marketing scheme to elevate his draft stock. But then again, I guess thats what all this is about. I just dont like Leinart's style of doing it i guess. :p
  3. fltitan

    fltitan Guest

    Arm strength is nice but arm strength alone doesnt necessarily make a great passer or great QB. Reading defenses, getting the ball to the receiver on time, moving around in the pocket are all just as important as arm strength. No one knows which of the 3 QBs we should take but I trust Reese, Fisher and Chow to make the right decision after seeing all the workouts. These interviews are interesting and informative even if dont dont agree with everything said. Thanks Jeff keep them coming
  4. Soxcat

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    We are really blessed to have Chow as our OC at a time like this where we are seriously considering taking our QB of the future. Chow knows all about Leinart's strengths and weakneses. Chow also had the opportunity to coach Cutler at the Senior Bowl and can draw comparisons of the two with a guy like Palmer. The interview that we will never get but would be the most revealing would be with Chow. For all we know Chow thinks Cutler is the one who compares favorably with a guy like Palmer. Can't wait to see who we draft.
  5. He has justified his roster spot. He is easily the third best corner (and tackles better than the other two). After this upcoming camp, he could possibly be the second best corner. He will challenge Hill.....but validating roster spot...... Waddell, Gardner, Beckham and even Nickey (must validate at corner).
  6. Gunny

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  7. RollTide

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    I think you said it well. He will be happy to develop any young QB who has the ability to be good. The first priority is winning right?

    I can't understand this notion about drafting a QB because he can play sooner. Play how; like joey harrington or tim couch? If it takes young two years to step in as starter then so be it. It's whoever will be best once he does play.

    I still think cutler sucks but i do agree with that post.
  8. theprizdfighter

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    In the case of New Orleans a week ago (before they signed Brees), I can see drafting a QB because he is more NFL ready. They had absolutely had it with Brooks, and they wanted their future QB to come right in a start so Leinart would have been perfect for them.
  9. See all those that can understand this....friendly fans with different yet common goals..... success of their favorite player, yet success of the team first and foremost... All out competition with a common good will goal.... Gunny's Reynaldology.... WU's Woolfolkism.... NFL receivers beware.
  10. Gunny

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    Reynaldology wishes no ill will on fellow players and even encourages healthy competition for the better of the team.
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