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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by fitantitans, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. fitantitans

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    Here's something I read on someone elses link, "The team also released wide receiver Cortney Roby, quarterback Tim Rattay as well as six draft picks from the past two seasons" The part I don't like is, "...as well as six draft picks from the past two seasons".
    As part of my argument, Filani (an 07 draft pick) gets cut but Ealy (an 07 undrafted free agent) stays. Another point of interest would be Bennett, an undrafted QB, that made our team as a WR and was promoted to #1 receiver over draft picks.
    Could we not spend our draft picks a little better?
  2. Nash

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    Realisticly, it doesn't matter if you get your players from free agency, the draft , or trades.. IF they can play..most draft choices in the 6th and 7th rounds have something they do well, but not necessarily everything a starter needs.. what the FO has done in the past is draft the ones that they think can be developed into something.. Filani as a possession receiver, Otto as a R guard/ tackle, Nande as a starting olb.. sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't .. we are all waiting to see if P Wms and C Henry can be something really good...but as a team gets better, there might be some value in trading the 6th and 7th round picks to move up in each round to get a little better player, say a Jacoby Jones in the 3rd round by trading away an extra 5th rounder to have moved up to get him..
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    Patriots dumped almost all their draft picks from this year- only kept 2... The truth is that the vast majority of draft picks don't ever even see the field. You have to bring them in and see who sticks, and missing on a 1st round pick hurts - but if you find 1 good 2nd day pick every year or so then you're doing well.

    The fact that we're cutting draft picks is a very good sign. I recently saw an article about how Floyd Reese used to brag about the % of his draft picks that were still on NFL rosters, but it said "yea, but 10 of them are taking up the last 10 spots on the Titans roster". We used to waste years waiting on an underperforming draft pick to live up to potential - this year appears to be a dramatic shift toward letting production speak for itself.
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    I also think that when you put a #3 overall pick into a franchise QB, you've got to let him have a solid say. You pick him because you believe he IS a franchise QB (no club believes they're drafting a bust) and if he prefers Ealy over Filani and has that chemistry, for me, it makes sense to keep him. They're similar body shape wise - both late flyers; go with the chemistry and the apparent commitment.
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