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Contest Rules:

The person with the most points wins. Duh, this ain't golf...

Points are received based on how close your picks are to the actual outcome of the draft. You will receive 5 points for picking the correct player in the correct round. If you pick a player the Titans select, but you are 1 round off, you receive 2 points. If you pick a player the Titans select, but you are 2 rounds off, you receive 1 point. If you pick a player the Titans select, but you are more than 2 rounds off you receive NO points.

In the event of a tie, there are 3 tiebreakers. Tiebreakers will be taken individually in order until the deadlock is broken. If there is still a tie after the 3 tiebreakers, we'll petition Roger Goodell to re-draft.

You may not use the same player more than once.



No entries will be allowed once the draft begins. Only one entry per person, please. If a person enters more than once we will throw out any previous entries by that person.

All form fields must be filled in. If you do not post on a Titans message board you can use your real name. If you do post, please use that name so we can better identify you. Your email adddress will not be visible online, nor will it be sold or used for marketing purposes.

JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser to submit the form.

Updates on the predictions and results page will not be instantaneous. Starkiller will try to post updates at least once a day. And if he doesn't... well that's just tough...


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