Adams Wants Fisher to Remain Titans Coach
Staff Report
Jan 6, 2010

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams has no intentions of firing Jeff Fisher but is expecting more from his team in 2010. "Jeff has two more years on his contract, and the way things are going, we are going to be pleased to have him here for the next two years and more years than that down the road," Adams said. By winning eight of the final 10 games, the Titans ended up becoming the first team in NFL history to start 0-6 and finish 8-8. And that, in Adams' mind, overshadowed the fact the Titans haven't won a playoff game since the 2003 season. "Fisher is going to get it going for us because he has been a good coach for us all of these years," Adams said. "I don't see any changes coming up. We ended up with a good year when all was said and done, and I am pleased with what happened."


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