Bills @ Titans Postgame Quotes
Staff Report
Nov 16, 2009

Coach Jeff Fisher
"I think it is the case of what I have been saying the last couple of weeks that when you can run the football and not turn it over and get your turnovers and make plays when the opportunities present themselves, you have a good chance to win a football game. So there again, that’s what we did."

QB Vince Young
"Basically, just very comfortable, like I said, the preparation is the key. I feel like me and (Mike) Heimerdinger is very close by Wednesday we doing a lot of studying. He gets to know me a little bit and we get to know him. When we are sitting in the office and things like that, we get to see different things that defenses are doing, that they might do on me, that we can take advantage with our receivers and C.J. (Chris Johnson)."

RB Chris Johnson
"My confidence level is high right now. I’d say my confidence level has been the same throughout the whole year. Basically, we weren’t winning and for us to get these three wins in a row, like I said earlier after we won our first game. Our goal is to try to go 10-0 in these last games."

LB Stephen Tulloch
"Feels good man, it feels good. Our team is starting to click and we’re making plays and starting to turn it around. This is where we want to be. We worked hard after the bye week and it’s showing. Vince (Young) has taken command of the offense, CJ (Chris Johnson) is making great plays, our defense is creating turnovers and that’s what you want to see out of a football team."

LB Keith Bulluck
"You know they had a few big plays to put them in scoring position, but other than that we kind of kept them in check . In the fourth quarter, we knew the offense was playing well, and we had to eliminate the big plays on defense, and we did a great job of that … We’re real opportunistic right now. The beginning of the year , we weren’t getting these breaks and the ball wasn’t falling our way. You know, we’ll take it."


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