Adams Won't Make Coaching Change During Season
Staff Report
Oct 19, 2009

Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams feels coaching is one of the reasons his team is 0-6 entering their bye week but won't make any moves during the season. When asked if replacing Coach Jeff Fisher was an option, Adams said: "If we end up losing every game or don't look better, I'd have to look at that pretty hard, you know what I mean? The way it is going, I don't know if we'll win any games, and that is unheard of in the National Football League." Asked if he's worried about his job security, Fisher said: "You know, I am going to keep fighting. I'm just going to keep working. You know the staff didn't forget how to coach in the offseason. … It doesn't happen. You don't forget how to coach overnight. What we have to do is find a way to win a ballgame."


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