Steelers @ Titans Postgame Quotes
Staff Report
Dec 22, 2008

Coach Jeff Fisher
"We talked all week about the importance of really picking things up and going out and executing and doing the right things, not running a route short, not making the mistakes that we have made over the last four weeks.

And that is exactly what they did. I am sure we have some things, some issues. They made some plays and they forced some issues. I think this was the best game we have played thus far. The timing is good because next week is going to be a little unusual for both clubs."

Kerry Collins
" I think if anybody had any doubt, I think we are a pretty good football team. Having said that, no one really chose us to win this game. I think everybody was picking the Steelers to win. Nobody blinked an eye. We just came out and tried to execute. We played a pretty good game."

Keith Bulluck

"Our number one thing was to shut down the run and then force them to hold the ball a little longer which means we had to cover down because Ben (Roethlisberger) is the type of quarterback who throws best on the run.  He throws good in the pocket as well but when he’s being mobile and moving around, I think he makes more plays down the field.  His wide receivers, they’re all on the same page so I think he does a great job of that.  I think our game plan worked pretty effectively today."

Justin Gage
"We are a hard working and hungry football team and its playoff time and we got to play our best football at this time of the year. I think we took a step toward that today. We played Pittsburgh which is one of the top teams in the NFL and we got a victory."

Jason Jones
"I didn’t think it would happen like this.  Everything just came and everything was just opening up.  I’m blessed and I’m glad I had this type of game.  I’m going to celebrate it, and then we’re going to get ready for the Colts next week."


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