Browns @ Titans Post Game Quotes
Staff Report
Dec 7, 2008

Coach Jeff Fisher
Well, we are certainly very excited to have put ourselves in a situation where we met and surpassed our first goal here which is to win the division. We did it against a good football team, against a good defensive football team and overcame lot of things during the ballgame as well. The slow start, the turnovers, we had way too many penalties, but yet we found a way to affect sudden change defensively and after the three turnovers we gave up six points.

QB Kerry Collins

We are all pleased, and we are all happy that we won the division. But we know there are a lot of things left that we want to accomplish. Today was a good first step. We accomplished one of our goals. But we have got a lot of work ahead of us.

RB Chris Johnson
I feel we are clicking.  Every team needs work and sometime you come out here and you’re not really going to have a perfect game and do what you want to do.  But eventually at the end, if you get the victory, and put up points and the defense continues to come out every week and not let teams put up points, the better we will get and the more wins we’ll keep getting … I know we need to take it one step at a time.  The more wins we get, the better chance we have of winning a Super Bowl.

LB Keith Bulluck
It’s real satisfying. When I first got here we kind of were on top of the division. About 2004-2005 everything shifted to Indianapolis. I think that this year we’ve put together so far, and winning the division, has been great for our team, for our organization, and for the guys that have been here for a few years and that have been through the tough times. To be on a team that is now 12-1 and AFC Division South winners is huge.

DE Jevon Kearse

It was one of the things I was looking for when I was choosing my team.  It could be just one player away from just getting what we need to get in the playoffs.  But this is just one of the small steps that we are taking trying for the big picture ... This feeling of winning never gets old to me.  We have clinched, so now we'll try to get a first round bye and bring the games here. 
This is one goal we set at the beginning of the season, and now we need to accomplish all of them and not be satisfied with just one goal.


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