Postgame Review
Titans @ 49ers Postgame Quotes
By Staff Report
Nov 9, 2009 - 7:27:20 AM

Coach Jeff Fisher
"I think for the second week in a row now we showed what happens when you can go get the football, protect it and run it a little bit. That’s what got us the first win last week and of course, that’s what I think was the difference today was the turnovers and gaining points off the turnovers. And then of course, staying in the ball game and being able to run the football. That’s a good football team we played today. Very disciplined, well coached—a talented team. The difference in the game was capitalizing off turnovers."

LB Keith Bulluck
"Yeah we have been more aggressive mentality. We are just playing differently now. We had a bye, we had a week to sit down and do whatever it was and we came back very focused last week and this week as well."

C Kevin Mawae
"I think it is huge anytime you go on the road and win. It takes a lot of confidence. But to come to the west coast it is a little bit harder. I know our record over the past years hasn’t been great on the west coast but I don’t think anybody thought about that. I think Jeff handled the schedule for us well and guys responded well. That is just going to add to the confidence that we have already. Hopefully it will bring us another win next week."

WR Nate Washington

"I think we are just happy with this win but nobody in this locker room is complacent. We are going to enjoy this win for the rest of this evening but we know tomorrow we are going to get back to work. That is our mindset right now."

QB Vince Young
"We always believe in each other. The defense out there made the plays. When they get the ball back we go out there and make the plays. The excitement everybody has and the confidence everybody has in each other is tremendous right now."

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