View From the Other Side: Indianapolis Colts
By Jeff Fuqua
Posted December 4th, 2006

As I walked to the Tennessee interview room after Rob Bironas had just shocked the NFL world with a 60-yard field goal to beat the Colts, I overheard a couple Titans fans rejoicing over the victory.

“It’s called the ‘Double Manning,’” one fan said about how Bironas had kicked the Titans past Eli Manning and the New York Giants last week and then Peyton Manning and the Colts on Sunday. “It’s not the double whammy.”

Phillip B Wilson,

Midway through the second quarter Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts had a 14-point lead and a chance to recover a Tennessee fumble. First the football got away, then the game.

Rob Bironas kicked a 60-yard field goal that rode a 10-15 mph north wind through the cool December sunshine to split the uprights with seven seconds to play and beat the stumbling Colts 20-17. LP Field's sellout crowd of 69,143 went home smiling, witnesses of a kick that tied for the fourth longest in the NFL's 87-year history.

The Colts left wondering. While the Titans (5-7) spent the afternoon making plays, the Colts (10-2) spent it making mistakes. They have lost two of their past three games and fallen into a tie with San Diego in the chase for the AFC's No. 1 playoff seed.

Phil Richards,

Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans spent Sunday afternoon running roughshod through Indianapolis' generous defense.
The Colts clearly had no answers during the game -- they yielded 219 yards on 35 attempts, a withering 6.3 per-carry average -- or afterward.

"This is no different than any other game we win or lose,'' defensive end Dwight Freeney said after the Colts did the latter, falling to the Titans 20-17. "We've got to go back and look at the tape.''

What, again?

Tennessee pulled the upset on Rob Bironas' 60-yard field goal with seven seconds remaining. But making his dramatic kick possible was a problem that has plagued the Colts since they opened the season against the New York Giants more than three months ago.

They couldn't stop the run Sept. 10 in Giants Stadium, couldn't stop it against the Titans on Oct. 8 in the RCA Dome, couldn't stop it at Denver on Oct. 29 and, well, you get the idea.

It's a broken record that features a defense that either is broken or unfixable to this point.

Mike Chappell,

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