View From the Other Side: New York Giants
By Jeff Fuqua
Posted November 27th, 2006

The Giants, finding new and more demoralizing ways to sink their season, fell to the Titans at LP Field, 24-21, after Rob Bironas’ 49-yard field goal drifted through the uprights.

“Have I been in a game like this?” Giants center Shaun O’Hara said, repeating a reporter’s question in an otherwise silent locker room. “Only in a nightmare, maybe.”

The kick was the bold exclamation point for the Titans and the fans who, against reason, had the foresight to stay until the end. It was just the latest in a dizzying line of question marks for the Giants (6-5), losers of three in a row, each stinging exponentially more than the last.

“It’s a terrible shock to everybody in the organization,” Coach Tom Coughlin said. “For everybody.”

John Branch, New York Times

Line 'em up. Every awful, dreadful loss; every head-shaking, stomach-turning collapse. Every choke and embarrassment and mind-numbing defeat no one ever saw coming that suddenly rose up and sucked the life out of an entire franchise.

Light some incense and summon up the evil spirits that caused The Fumble back in 1978 and the historic San Francisco playoff collapse of 2002. Round up the hit-list of worst moments in Giants lore and then find room for the atrocity that was yesterday's 24-21 loss to the Titans at LP Field.

"We're going to be sick about this one, forever," coach Tom Coughlin said.

Paul Schwartz, New York Post

Forget the Giants.

When your reeling quarterback wrecks the game after you bend over backwards for him not to wreck it, you deserve every bit of New York's scorn and derision.

Eli Manning, a 24-21 loser, could not put the dismembered Titans away, and in the end, at the end, he put the Giants away.

When you blow a 21-0 fourth quarter lead to the Vince Young Titans, you have no killer instinct, and you do not deserve to call yourselves a Super Bowl contender.

If Manning makes a play, at a time when the Titans sent everybody except Elvis at Tiki Barber (25-82), if Manning converts a third down, or a fourth down, if Manning gets his team a field goal, the Giants survive.

He was 2-for-7 for 13 yards and two picks in the fourth quarter.

This was a collapse of unconscionable, unacceptable proportions, and The Good Ship Coughlin is sinking at a time when a man-eating Tuna is once again lurking in the NFC East waters.

Steve Serby, New York Post

Not even the usually red-faced, hoarse coach could muster the strength after it was over. Not even the outspoken tight end or the loquacious running back could point fingers.

There were few words in the visitors' locker room after the Giants' 24-21 loss to the Titans, after a collapse that rivals any in team history. It left the Giants a game out of first in the NFC East and reeling as they prepare to host the first-place Cowboys on Sunday.

What can really be said? It was an epic failure after three quarters and 2:05 of near-perfection during which the Giants built a 21-0 lead and did nothing but play to win.

Arthur Staple,

This is the kind of loss that goes beyond the final score and a weary ride home and an urge to drop-kick the family mutt. This is the kind of loss that can strip a head coach from his job and a certain quarterback from the mystique of his famous last name.

This is the kind of loss that can send a franchise on a long journey to hell without a return trip in sight.

This is the kind of loss with so many goats, so many mistakes, so many stomach-churning turning points for the Giants that you don't know where to start.

Shaun Powell,

Brandon Jacobs, sitting at his locker with his head down, didn't have much trouble summing up what his Giants teammates and coaches couldn't put into words.

"We should have beat the (stuffing) out of them," Jacobs said after the Giants blew a three-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter and lost 24-21 to the Titans yesterday. "This one hurts."


"Because they (stink)," said Jacobs, who had two rushing touchdowns yesterday. "That's why."

To which safety Gibril Wilson appropriately replied: "Chill out, Brandon. If they (stink), we must really (stink)."

Mike Garafolo, The Star-Ledger

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