2006 NFL Draft Grades in for Tennessee Titans
By Phil Luckett
Posted May 1st, 2006

Despite not knowing how a drafted player will workout for about three years, many of the national sports publications released their grades today on the Titans draft. Here are a few comments from those articles.

Jarrett Bell, USA Today

"Norm Chow won't be reunited with Matt Leinart but gets to mold one of the draft's most electric athletes in QB Vince Young. Chow will be reunited with power back LenDale White, who will have much to prove after sliding down the charts."

Grade: A

Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports

High marks Nice bulk with 10 total selections. From a hype standpoint, Tennessee's first two choices QB Vince Young and RB LenDale White have a massive amount of star power. If the Titans can ease Young into a starting role and get White healthy and keep him motivated, the Titans have the long-term potential to deliver this year's best draft class. Safety Calvin Lowry provides depth at safety and a good special teams addition. Wide receiver Jonathan Orr could be a steal in the sixth round.

Low marks Offensive line depth needed to be addressed, but didn't get a single look. Middle linebacker was a need, but Stephen Tulloch was a reach in the fourth round. Many teams had him rated in the sixth round.

Grade: A

John Czarnecki, FOX Sports

"Tough call here because most teams would have taken Matt Leinart over Vince Young, who won the national championship for Texas last season. Young has more upside maybe while Leinart is more ready to play. LenDale White holds the touchdown record at USC and that has to be worth something, no matter how talented the Trojans' offensive line. Also, White didn't flunk any NFL administered drug test. He could be another Eddie George. Calvin Lowry is an instinctive player and punt returner and Terna Nande is a promising outside linebacker from Miami of Ohio. Veteran QB Steve McNair has no interest in sticking around and grooming Vince Young and would like to be traded or released this week."

Grade: B

Mel Kiper, ESPN

"I would have taken Leinart, but Vince Young will be a very good quarterback. LenDale White will be highly motivated coming in as a second-round pick. Don't forget he's reunited with Norm Chow, the former offensive coordinator at USC. Calvin Lowry was a very underrated safety at Penn State."

Grade: B

Pete Prisco, CBS SportsLine

Best pick: "LenDale White coming in the second round is a good move. Despite some weight issues, he's still a quality player."

Worst pick: "Picking Vince Young third is risky. They will either hit a home run, or it will be three strikes and out. He's years away from playing."

Grade: B

Mike O'Hara, The Detroit News

"It doesn't matter if owner Bud Adams overruled his coaches. Taking QB Vince Young third overall was the right pick. The rest of the draft had question marks. RB LenDale White he could be the best second-round pick in the draft -- or a bust."

Grade: C+

Dan Pompei, The Sporting News

"The Titans should have taken Matt Leinart, who would have fit well with their offense. They also took a big risk on running back LenDale White in the second round."

Grade: C

Ron Borges, NBC Sports

"This could be one of the most memorable drafts ever.

The Titans took Texas quarterback Vince Young at No. 3 overall, bypassing USC's Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Matt Leinart. Most scouts think Leinart is more ready for the NFL, while Young could be a star down the road. Tennessee thinks Young has the potential to be even better than Steve McNair, which would make this an incredible pick. But if his odd throwing motion and lack of experience dropping back from under center (he mostly worked out of the shotgun at Texas) becomes something he can't overcome, general manager Floyd Reese will never live it down. Then they came right back in Round 2 and took another question mark in USC running back LenDale White.

White was a possible first-round pick until he showed blew his combine workouts. His value plummeted even further when later showed up at the USC workouts with a hamstring injury. But he says teams should have looked at his production in games, in which he averaged 6.6 yards a carry. If they did, as the Titans obviously must have, you see a guy even forced Reggie Bush to share time. If Young and White fulfill their potential this could be a legendary draft. If they don't, it will be an infamous draft."

Grade: A-...  or D-

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