Quotes From Second Day Draft Picks by Tennessee Titans
By Jeff Fuqua
Posted April 30th, 2006

Pick #102:
Penn State S Calvin Lowry

(on which safety position he think he'll play)
"I see myself as a guy that can do both. But if I had to pick one I would say the free safety position because Iím more of a sideline-to-sideline type person. But I donít mind coming down in the box and banging with the big boys."

(Fisher on Lowry)
"Calvin Lowry is somebody that we feel is going to fit very well into the system. (He is) a very, very productive, active safety that tackles. He shows upÖdiagnoses very well. He is going to be a very productive special team player for us. You can never have enough depth at that position and at the point in which we were picking he was clearly the most productive and the best player there."

Pick #116:
North Carolina State LB Stephen Tulloch

(on which linebacker positions he prefers)
"In college at NC State, I played both inside and outside (linebacker). I played different schemes. I was on the field every play. In the dime package, which is five DBs (defensive backs and) one linebacker, I was in the inside, in the nickel package I was on the strong side, in the base 4-3 defense I was on the weak side, so I can play pretty much any position as far as linebacker is concerned."

(Fisher on Tulloch)
"Stephen Tulloch is somebody that we watched last night again. Out of high school, he is the Dade County (FL) Player of the Year and imagine the players that came out of Dade County. The staff at NC State said he was a terrific football player. He was surrounded with good players and he did a great job. Heís very active. Heís a little short but heís got very, very quick feet. (Heís) explosive and separates very well.  Weíre going to move him inside to the middle. He played outside but we feel he like he will be able to play inside.

Pick #137:
Miami (OH) LB Terna Nande

(on if he feels he has something to prove to make a name for himself)
"I feel like Iím one of those guys that has a lot to prove because I have great ability and Iím glad the Tennessee Titans were able to see something in me.  I just want to show them that I can be a great asset to the team."

(Fisher on Nande)
"Terna Nande is a young man we had in here over the last couple of weeks that we spent time with. We interviewed and as Phil (Neri) said he is a missile. Heís got the height, weight, speed characteristics. He probably doesnít have as much experience as the other two, from a playing standpoint, but, in time, has terrific potential and should be an immediate contributing force on special teams."

Pick #169:
Tennessee DT Jesse Mahelona

(on being diappointed that he didn't get drafted earlier)
"You try to hope for the best and I was shooting for an earlier round on the first day. Sometimes things just donít work out the way you want them to. Itís not always that it works against you. In this case I think that I fit in well with the Titans. Iím excited."

(Fisher on Mahelona)
"We really like Jesse. Cole (Proctor) has been a Jesse fan for a long time.  Heís a big, strong, productive defensive tackle. Heís very active, finishes plays and real strong at the point of attack. A little undersized from the height standpoint, but weight and strength heís productive there. What he does is add depth to the defensive tackle position."

Pick #172:
Wisconsin WR Jonathan Orr

(on his strengths and weaknesses)
"As far as my weaknesses, one of my things is yards after catch and just lateral movements. Transitioning and some of the stuff like that after catching the ball and breaking tackles and things like that. That just comes with getting stronger which is something Iíve really been focusing on up until this point. Getting stronger with my lower body and strengthening my core and stuff like that. As far as my strengths, being able to make plays, especially touchdowns in the red zone. Just being a big target who can stretch the field and provide opportunities to make plays."

(Fisher on Orr)
"At the top of the sixth we got Jonathan Orr. A big receiver that can run very, very well. Heís got exceptional speed and thatís the thing weíre looking for on offense. Heís stepping into a very competitive situation at the receiver position where we have a lot of depth, but he clearly was the best player available at that time."

Pick #215:
Samford DB Cortland Finnegan

(on whether he is a cornerback or safety)
"Iím a cornerback and a free safety, wherever the Titans need me and wherever Iím a fit for the Titans."

Pick #245:
Utah LB Spencer Toone

(on what the Titans expect from him)
"We havenít gone into it in depth. They congratulated me and talked about coming in and working hard. Thatís what I want to do. Iím coming in and start making an impact on special teams."

Pick #246:
Utah RB Quinton Ganther

(on the strength of his game)
"My strength is my pass protection. A lot of guys, they want the ball more. I want the ball also but my thing is Iím going to protect the quarterback. That is what separates me from the rest of the running backs out there."

Source: TitansOnline.com

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