Draft Chat: NFL Draft Countdown's Scott Wright
By Jeff Fuqua
Posted April 21st, 2006

The following is an edited transcript from the April 20 chat with Scott Wright from NFLDraftCountdown.com.

Scott, you have the Titans taking Young at #3. How much of a difference do you see between him, Leinart, and Cutler?
I think with the Leinart / Young debate it really comes down to how much of a gambler you are. Young has more potential but is far from a sure thing while Leinart is a safer pick. Personally I would error on the side of caution with a $50 million contract.

Do you think the team that drafts Young will need to change their entire offensive philosophy?
Yes, I think at least to a degree a team is going to have to build their offense around what Young does.

I've heard the opinion that changing the philosophy to suit Young can be very dangerous, especially since he is more of a risk for injury than pocket QBs. Do you agree with that?
Yes, absolutely it is dangerous because he is so much taller than Michael Vick that he is going to take bigger hits and be more suseptible to injuries. If you have Young you need a top backup in my opinion and preferably a similar player if possible.

How long before Young's ready to play in the NFL?
I don't think Young should take a snap in his rookie year, play sparingly in year two and then start in year three. In other words similar to how the Oilers developed Steve McNair.

How much do you think the draft will affect McNair's decision to renegotiate with the Titans?
I would think drafting Young would give McNair more incentive to work things out.

Did I read Bush is looking for a $30 mil bonus today? Will the Texans pay this or will we maybe see them shop the pick and get Williams or Ferguson?
That's the word and if so that's $6 million more than Alex Smith got last year. In the end I think they will work out a deal but if he did indeed ask for $30 million it might open the door for Mario Williams and a trade.

I can't figure out why the new CBA didn't set some contract standards for rookies. Won't this mean even more holdouts this camp?
I could not agree any more, these rookie contracts are RIDICULOUS. They need to do what the NBA does and get some of this money to the established veterens. It's going to happen within the next five years I believe.

Scott, you have Leinart sliding a bit. Why don't you think he's the #1 QB and won't get the attention early?
It's not really that I personally have Leinart sliding but that is the way it is looking. The Titans seem to be on Vince Young, the Jets supposedly like Cutler and might not take a QB at all in round one, which leaves Oakland as the next possible landing spot for him.  I don't know that anyone is interested in trading up to #2 for Leinart.

Would the Raiders trade up for Leinart or are they willing to take any QB who slides to them?
I think they would consider a trade but they are in a great position to land one of the four players they like (Leinart, Young, Davis or Huff). Plus I don't think Tennessee will want to move down.

Anyone on your radar as dramatically moving up or down right now?
Manny Lawson is probably going Top 20 with Dallas liking him a lot. Antonio Cromarite is moving way up as well and looks like a Top 20 guy. As for sliders it's LenDale White and Tamba Hali.

Who do you like for the Titans in the second, Scott?
I think D'Qwell Jackson is a PERFECT fit for the Titans in round two. He is exactly the type of speedy guy in the middle that they want.

Scott, knowing that the Titans will be taking any MLB off the field for nickel downs (about half the defensive plays), do you really see them going LB in round 2?
I do. A speedy MLB is one of the top things on their wish list.

If the Titans don't go MLB, who would you predict they'd take with their 2nd round pick?
Potentially an offensive linemen, maybe a cornerback and don't rule out a running back either.

Scott, I was thinking yesterday after the latest Pacman story... would the Titans look at CB in the second? It appears there is a lot of corner talent late in the first/early second.
Even if Pacman stays out of trouble and plays well they need another top cornerback in my opinion. There is a chance one of the top corners like Ashton Youboty could fall to them.

Scott, where do you have DeAngelo Williams going right now? He appears to be a guy all over the place in many mocks.
I have him going to Jacksonville but based on talent he should be a Top 15-20 pick.

Scott, any third-down type RBs in the mid to late-rounds you like?
Yes, I think Taurean Henderson of Texas Tech is going to be a GREAT Day Two pick as a 3rd down / situational guy.

Scott, what happened to Kiwi? Has he fallen off the face of the earth since the season ended?
A bit, there are a lot of questions with Kiwanuka. He is a 2nd rounder. That was a tough matchup for Kiwi at the Senior Bowl because faced D'Brickashaw Ferguson and his greatest strength is stopping what Kiwi does best.

Scott, let's say the unexpected happens and the Titans don't go with one of the big three at QB, is there a QB in the second or fourth that might get their attention?
From the sounds of it Charlie Whitehurst, Kellen Clemens and Brodie Croyle will be the other Day One picks at quarterback. Unless they would trade up for Reggie Bush or if he somehow fell into their laps I don't see the Titans going any other direction that quarterback in round one.

Are you hearing about any current players being a part of a draft day deal? I wonder if Peter Sirmon is part of any.
The two most often mentioned right now are both wide receivers, Javon Walker and Ashley Lelie.

Scott, what about FBs in the mid-to-late rounds?
I think Lawrence Vickers and Garrett Mills could both be mid-round picks at fullback. That's about it though.

Anyone outside the top seven teams who are looking to move up for a QB?
 The Raiders would be the only one. The Vikings would not pay the price it would take to get up that high.

I don't get the Leinart slide. I thought word at one point is the Jets would go to #2 for him.
The Jets could still possibly move up for him but there is just as good of a chance that they will pass on him if he is sitting there at #4. They are keeping things quiet but the indications I have gotten are that if they take a QB in round one it would be Jay Cutler.

Who is flat out the best deep threat reciever in the draft and where might you project him to go?
I  think Martin Nance has GREAT ball skills but Demetrius Williams and Devin Aromoshadu are probably the top vertical threats.

Any second day and late round gems to look for?
One guy who I think it going to be a Day Two steal is Martin Nance, the WR from Miami (OH). I really like him. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Minnesota center Greg Eslinger go on Day Two and turn into a Pro Bowler. Some late round guys I guess I'd watch out for are Marcus Vick, Mike Bell, Taurean Henderson, Cory Rodgers, Isaac Sowells, Charlton Keith, Mania Brown, and Drew Coleman.

Who do you see getting drafted from the Vols this year?
Jason Allen will be the first Vol and then they have a lot of late rounders like Kevin Simon, Tony McDaniel, Jason Hall, Albert Toeina, Chris Hannon, etc. Oh, throw Haralson out there in round three or four as well.

Scott, what do you have planned for nfldraftcountdown.com between now and the draft?
The big thing of course will be the final mock draft next Friday, which has historically been the most accurate out there. I will have a big rankings update next week with a final Top 300, sleepers over / under rated, etc.

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