Who Will the Tennessee Titans Draft?
By Phil Luckett
Posted March 20th, 2006

As has become the norm this time of year, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an NFL mock draft. The only thing which appears consistent is the inconsistency between them. With little more than a month before the 2006 NFL Draft, let's look at a few and see who they feel the Titans will take with the third pick. To see the full mock of each of these sites, click on the site's name.

About.com - D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Consensus Draft Services - Matt Leinart

D&J NFL Mockdraft - Jay Cutler

Draft Ace - Matt Leinart

Draft Board Insider - Matt Leinart

Draft Daddy - D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Draft Gurus - Matt Leinart

Draft King - Matt Leinart

Draft Studio - Matt Leinart

DraftAce.com - Matt Leinart

East Coast Sports News - Matt Leinart

Fantasy Football Extreme - Matt Leinart

Fantasy Football Sharks - Matt Leinart

Fantasy Football Toolbox - Matt Leinart

Fantasy Tailgate - Matt Leinart

Football Minds - Vince Young

Footballs Future - D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Fox Sports - Vince Young

Fox Sports (Rob Rang) - Vince Young

Fox Sports (Rotoworld) - Matt Leinart

goTitans.com - Vince Young

Great Blue North - Vince Young

Huddle Geeks - D'Brickashaw Ferguson

Huddle Report - D'Brickashaw Ferguson

NFL Answers - Jay Cutler

NFL Draft Connection - Matt Leinart

NFL Draft Countdown - Vince Young

NFL Smackdown - Matt Leinart

NFLMockDraft.us - Matt Leinart

Q I Sports - Matt Leinart

Sports Illustrated - Jay Cutler

Sports Outlaw - Matt Leinart

The Football Experts - Matt Leinart

VIP Sports Edge - Vince Young

Yahoo - Vince Young

For those of you keeping score, that's 19 for Matt Leinart, 8 for Vince Young, 5 for D'Brickashaw Ferguson and 3 for Jay Cutler.

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