You're most wanted games the rest of 2012

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Ryudo, May 11, 2012.

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    Honestly, try not to get your hopes too high for game of thrones game. I tried to Diablo 3 weekened beta a few weeks ago, and I hate to say, I am thoroughly unimpressed.

    Loved Diablo and D2, and the expacs, but diablo 3 is just a completely different game. It doesn't have the feel, look, or gameplay I was hoping for. And the targeting system at the time of the weekend beta was horrendous. Damn near impossible to attack what you want in a group of enemies.
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    Peter Molyneux? Really? That guy is massively over-rated.
  3. jplusip

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    Regardless of being overrated or not, he was one of the few big names MS still had.

    They have like, no in-house development anymore.
  4. Fry

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    Hitman: Absolution.

    In a wait and see mode with Madden every year. I hope some day I'll be impressed enough to buy it again.
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    I say that every year with Madden and always end up getting it, and then complaining about it.

    But not this year. I have played this the least amount of any Madden and have severe issues with the franchise mode. Which happens to be my favorite.

    I hate that they got rid of training camp. It would not bother me, if you could draft a player and them have decent/balanced stats based on your scouting. But I am tired of drafting a pass rusher and he have 80ACC and 63SPD on top of not having any strength to balance it out. Or getting that 4.3 receiver with blazing speed but with a 70 something agility. The rookie system needs work, even if you import.

    Maybe it is just me, but linebackers really need to get nerfed. I have no idea what they are thinking. It is clear that they are not trying to improve gameplay because players have complained about the same things for years and it never gets addressed.

    And don't get me started about graphics and animations. These are the same graphics that came out as soon as the PS3 came along. You mean to tell me this is the tops these consoles can put out? Bethesda will tell you that you are wrong. Fix the god awful pass/tackling animations and update the **** graphics.

    **** EA right now.

    Okay, off the soap box.
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    He left because of Microsoft anyway (or so I read).
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    Generated player ratings is why I always end up quiting my NCAA dynasty.

    Yeah.. put all this effort into recruiting the top guy in the nation as an athlete ; and then he shows up, just to be rated at a 35 OVR at every position other than FB, where he is like a 75.

    Yeah, I don't F'ing think so.
  8. Gunny

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    Wouldn't really use Bethesda as an example of a graphical powerhouse. However, they use the same engine, therefore they really the same-ish graphics so they can put out the same-ish game every year.
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    I mean tons of developers are putting out games that look amazing, and some are several years old. I just used Bethesda because Skyrim comes to mind in terms of overall map size and graphics quality. But Heavy Rain, Batmans, even Battlefield 3 are on a WHOLE nother level then Madden, and some of those games are several years old, where as Madden is always just one year.

    Get rid of the stupid advertising, and the even worse fake advertising:sad2: and make the stadiums looks nice. I am sure they can fix the crowds too, it may take some resources but they have to improve that.
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    Difference is Madden is yearly, those aren't. They have time to build those games and refine them and make them look good.
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