You know, I wouldn't mind Hightower at 20

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by joeman546, Apr 24, 2012.

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    It's easy to sit here and try to plan out what you want your draft to be when we all know that draft days are pretty crazy. We know for sure that the DL has some nice depth going into the 2nd and 3rd and the Center position can be addressed in the 3rd or 4th. OLB is a position that's top heavy, I would love to see Hightower or David (even though he won't fall to us in the 2nd).

    The people that have a problem with McCarthy need to realize that players switch positions every year to help the team and McCarthy isn't some vet he's just entering his 2nd year. If Hightower is our MLB then we would have our LB core set for the next decade, he's one of the safest picks in the draft and we would be getting great value. Even though he did have a bad injury two years ago he still wasn't 100% last year but now with an additional year from it and his stock dropping because of the injury we would be getting a steal. I didn't even know the Titans were that interested in him.
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    “I think just playmakers,” Titans coach Mike Munchak said Tuesday. “We’ll be trying to add guys like that. You mentioned sacks, well, a lot of times you can get that from the linebacker position. If a guy you draft is a (weakside) linebacker or an inside linebacker and he has some rush ability on a first or second down, he can beat the back in a one-on-one pass rush.”

    “I think you look at guys that can stay on the field all three downs and not be a two-down linebacker,” Munchak said. “You’re looking for that and the versatility, the fact they can play both (weakside) and (middle) linebacker, especially because of injuries that happen during the year.

    Munchak on what they are looking for at the LB position. That's SCREAMS Hightower.
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    I honestly think this is the direction the Titans are leaning right now. A lot of things are pointing to it, whether it's the story saying that they're interested, or Munch's comments. It at least shows they're not against going LB early.

    I honestly think Hightower is the best LB in this class and is better than McCarthy. McCarthy seems versatile enough to move outside and let Hightower play MIKE.
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    Won't be mad one bit it will be interesting to see what they do with him and how it shuffles our LB core.

    I'd rather see Ayers move to WILL and Hightower go to SAM while McCarthy stays put and maybe thats what they are thinking who knows, will be interesting to see as this is all speculation until it actually happens and we hear the coaching staffs reasoning and such.
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    I'd be thrilled with the pick personally.

    Mike Martin in the second and our 3/4 look is


    Line shifts left and wimbley moves to DE for a 43 and Hightower gets to play his best position as ILB also in the 34.
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    I would love the pick. Hightower should start for a decade with multiple pro bowls. Much safer pick than any of the linemen.

    Would also inject that hard nosed high energy vibe into a defense that needs it.
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    Munch says we're staying with a 4-3 but we're going to show a lot of 3-4 looks. Sounds like we're drafting versatile players on defense than can play multiple positions and fit into different schemes. With those comments and the ones listed above the pick is looking like Hightower. If we can go DL in the 2nd then a combination of C, DB, and another DL in the next 3 rounds that would be a great draft.
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    Hightower would make for a serious improvement in our run stopping also.
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    Exactly. I love what Munch and Gray are thinking here.