Why isn't the NFLPA fighting Chip Kelly?

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    The Eagles had 53 plays in the first half against the Redskins last Monday. The Eagles didn't match that the second half but, today, Chip Kelly said he thought the offense was slow and would like to see his team run 100 plays in a game. The NFL average is 66 offensive plays in a full game.

    Let's say the Eagles only average what Kelly did at Oregon last season — 84 plays. That's a total of 1344 in the regular season when the average is 1056 for other teams — around a 21% increase.

    During the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations, the NFLPA fought adding two additional regular season games because of the risk of injury. At this pace, a player on the Eagle's offense would be better off from a hits standpoint playing 18 NFL games than playing Kelly's style of offense for 16 games.

    If Kelly's approach is successful, more NFL teams will copy. Does this set up the NFL for liability issues because players are taking 21% more hits per game? Do gassed defenders do a better or worse job controlling their body when making tackles? It adds to the risk of poor technique which equals more injuries.

    Why isn't the NFLPA saying a player whose body takes 21% more punishment deserves 21% more money?

    Where is Goodell on this? The NFL continues to add rules to make the game safer yet, IMO, overlooks the most obvious here. How will 21% more plays impact concussion numbers?

    Vick has already played 1 1/2 games-worth of snaps in the first game. Anyone believe he'll survive a 16-game season at this pace?

    It's a fun offense to watch but I don't think we'll see Kelly asking for 100 offensive snaps by mid-season when a few of his best offensive weapons aren't dressing out on Sunday.
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    There's no way they can regulate how a team calls their offense, if they did.. it'd be a joke.

    If they implement a mandatory "you must take at least 15 seconds before snapping", I would probably just not even bother because that tells me they will not stop until the game is completely ruined.
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    I never liked the Chip Kelly hire in the first place. I think the issue will take care of itself. If his players become more injury prone because he is running more plays then he will fail. As such his offense will not become popular. Not like "up-tempo" and option offenses have not been tried in the NFL. There is are reasons they do not work.

    1. Increased risk of injury to QB
    2. Drastically increased risk of turnover
    3. When playing a good ball control team your defense will get worn out
    It is harder to make these offenses work long term because NFL players are so much quicker and faster. There is far less room for error.
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    Glad this came up because I was wondering something similar.

    It'll be interesting to see where this team is mid-season.

    Will they be fresh, or will they be worn out and slow down....
  5. TitanJeff

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    A lot about the NFL is a joke already (see QB hit rules).

    You can bet there will be eyes on how this impacts player injuries and the only solution, that I can see, is that the NFL say that teams must wait a certain number of seconds between plays except for the last three minutes of each half.

    What I suspect will happen is Vick will get hurt or the Eagles will start losing because their players can't take the pounding and he'll notch the reps back.

    I do think it's a prime example of NFL hypocrisy in their approach to "protect" the players.
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    The NFL can't allow the NFLPA to regulate how many plays are run in a game. What happens if the limit is at 90 and there are still two minutes left in the game? Forced kneel downs?

    I don't like the new style because I think it's a gimmick and is an unfair advantage to the offense, but it is what it is.
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  7. Fry

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    It will be interesting to see if Kelly wears his offense out by the end of the season. McCoy looked like he was going to puke a couple of times during the game.

    Kelly isn't dealing with the 19-22 year old age group who get 20 hours of work on the field per week anymore either. It will be interesting to see how older players hold up.
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    I didn't watch the game but i must admit was quite surprised to see Philly winning 26-7 at one point because i thought Washington and RGIII would dominate the game and also i didn't really think the Eagles offense would succeed like they did.Will be very interesting to see how the Eagles play against San Diego.
  9. Finnegan2win

    Finnegan2win hopesfall2win

    I give it 4 weeks.
  10. TitanJeff

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    I'm not saying do anything. I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy.

    I hate most of the recent rules which are designed to make the game "more safe". The NFL gives all this lip service to safety yet turns a blind eye to a team causing it's players to take 21% more pounding each game. The NFLPA cries about added games yet sits by as the Eagles plan on playing more snaps in a 16-game season as most teams would in 18.

    The Eagles took an average of 24 seconds between the end of the previous play and the snap of the next. If the fallout of this is more injuries, I would not be shocked to see the NFL set a minimum.
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