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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TitanWilly, Aug 11, 2013.

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    Off the subject of Tennessee Titans football, it was a rough night for me finding out my girlfriend that I planned on proposing to next weekend cheated on me. But the crazy thing about it is, the person she has been cheating with is her best friend Abby. I was suspicious for a little while there, about a two week period, with her not coming home and telling me that he father got sick and was staying at his place with her sister to help take care of him over a few weekends. Great girl, amazing personality and body. Great job and has always been easy to talk with and never judges.

    Don't hate me for clogging up the sound waves here with this, but figured after reading so many of your threads and post, this may be better advice than any friend I know, family member or shrink.
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    if your son was at home crying all alone on the bedroom floor CU HES HUNGRY and the only way to feed him is to sleep with a man for a little bit of money and his daddy gone in and out of lockdown I aint tryna stop now
    maybe for you this is just a good time but for me this is what I call life. c'mon!
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    She's never been like that or into the girl thing, but said it just happened a few times. Forget I even posted it, just having one of those nights and thought a little Titan football would help ease the night to get my mind off it. It is what it is I guess. Like you said, life.

    If you knew her and what she looked like with her personality, hard to just call it quits unless Abby was a guy named Steve, Tom, Bill or who ever else with a dick.
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    Thats brutal man. Like you said, at least it was with a girl. She may just be experimenting before she decides to take the plunge. I assume she knows you were getting really serious in the relationship. If it really bothers you that much to the point where you will never be able to forgive her or will always hang this over her head then might as well call it quits right now. That's not the way to have a healthy marriage and it probably won't last. My advice would be to just talk it over with her and see where her heads at.
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    Are you in love with the girl? If you are, don't forget that sex does not = love. She may be having sex with a girl for the excitement of something new. It's really not that abnormal for a young woman to find that exciting. Let's face it, women just have more sex appeal than men do. Naturally, they are more likely to be interested in same sex relations. Her having sex with someone else may not mean she loves that person. It may not mean she doesn't love you either. I have cheated on 2 girls that I can honestly say I was in love with at the time. It was just for the fun of the moment. I had no interest in replacing my girlfriends/fiance. It's just that the chicks were attractive to me and offered themselves to me. It was my choice, and it would have hurt them if they knew, but I loved my girlfriend/fiance no less in the end. I wish more women understood this.

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    I liked that song back when I was 14 too
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    wait, so your issue is your girlfriend has a girlfriend?


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    DW chimes in in 3....2....1...
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    I'm sorry, I cannot for a moment believe you got cheated on by a girl. This is the kind of thing that happens in porn. I also find it hard to believe that with 17 posts, that you thought this would be the appropriate place to let us know.

    In the slight off chance that this is legit, ****ing use your balls and sack the hell up. She cheated on you huh? Broke the trust barrier and all that fancy ****. Well good for her for telling you. Its probably a half truth though, instead of Abby its Abe. ****ing move on dude, you will never get over this if you decide to keep her around.

    I still think your story is a load of ****, but I have not met one single happy ending when people cheat. Save yourself some pain and money and move on.
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    So Scarecrow got cheated on with a girl?