What will the 2013 Titans hang their hat on? Offense or Defense?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, May 30, 2013.

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    I understand the theory, but this type of rhetoric was rampant last year at about this time. I'm highly doubtful of McCourty in press, man to man coverage. Wreh-Wilson was drafted because they thought he would excel in press coverage, and I hope he does, he's going to have to be an impact player right away, IMO.

    I wish our front four could get after the QB, and not just the Jags QB. But they can't on their own, so we are going to have to scheme around that. And hopefully it works, there's going to need to be a lot of affective scheming going on. I'd feel a lot better about the group if the D line had an impact player or two.
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    I think offense will be beastly
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    Special teams.
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    Offense. Revamped OL, healthy QB, quality RB duo, and more receiving threats. We're going to play some smash mouth football and when we have to throw the ball then we'll have the weapons.
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    I feel like the defense is going to be the bright spot of this team. They came on last year and started playing well together as a unit at the end of the season. I feel that our "weapons" are just getting settled in to where they dont have to think and just react. Ayers, Brown, McCarthy and Morgan should all have great years if healthy. What is the average age of the defense, maybe 25? We should imrove just based on experience alone.

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    Our pass rush is there, we got to Tom Brady, we rattled Aaron Rodgers when we sent 5, Jerry Gray is too big a puss to call blitzes to finish QB's off, he'd rather play it safe and not give up the big plays. Problem is; his style allows a million slants, and 9-yards here, 9-yards there will wear you down.

    I have faith in our defense if Greg Williams is calling the shots.
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    Rodgers vs. Titans : 27/38, 342 yds, 3 TD 0 int. And one rush TD. 125.1 Rating.

    I understand what you're saying, but please, let's not bring up that Packers game as an example of what we did well last year.

    Jerry Gray has been horrible, yes. But I then ask what was Munchak doing? Really, what has he done at all to help this team (besides hiring a plethora of coaches to attempt to cover up his inefficiencies). Jerry Gray can't do anything right, shouldn't the HC intervene? Doesn't the HC have any input? He certainly didn't have any during the season.

    After the season his input was, "Let's hire Greg Williams and see if he can fix this."
    So yes, Greg Willimas is calling the shots, and we will be better for it. But beyond the LB's, I just don't know that we have the talent over there to be able to rely on them to be the reason we win games this year. That's asking a lot of the group to go from the worst in franchise history to a group we can hang our hat on. Greg Williams is going to have to be at the top of his game.

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    We have improved both sides of the ball. It'll be fun to find out!

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    I think that is true simply because defense usually just needs a HUGE personality and hitter as their leader, that's Pollard. Offense, everyone knows the leader is the QB, but it takes all cylinders firing correctly for the QB to succeed. I think we are in for at minimal, an enjoyable season.