We are looking for playmakers.

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Slackmaster, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. get young starting, lamont and hill out, and were good to go
  2. Childress79

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    Three sides to the story:
    The Titans
    Somewhere in the middle the truth.

    Bottom line is he didn't show that he wanted to stay here. Also if we'd re-done his deal then we would have only postponed the problem of his cap hit. We kept redoing his deal & pushing the hit back to a time where eventually his best days were behind him.

    The length of players contracts has been limited the past 2 yrs by the hangups over the collective bargaining agreement between the players & the teams. The best thing that has come out of that is that teams have had to move away from backloading contracts, a practice that ends in cap hell.

    McNairs deal was the last of that type to hurt us financially & hopefully we'll never see those days again. Didn't the Cowboys still pay for some of the stars of the 90's two years after they'd gone?

    If he'd stayed we wouldn't have picked up the free agents we did.We made the right choice,next year we're rumoured to have $42 mill of cap space .

    He hasn't been on top of his game since 03 so his price was too high. He did very well to get $12mil out of the ratbirds.
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    we're all waitin' coach
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    Guard Benji Olson, a Titan/Oiler since 1998, said the Titans just need to improve, and that lineup changes could potentially lead to more problems.

    "It would be good motivation for some guys to know that their job might not be secure. Maybe they'll start doing better, whatever,'' Olson said. "But there's good things with that and bad things. You want a guy to be in there the whole time and get consistent and get a feel for things, but we'll see what happens.''

    maybe benji's a little afraid he's going to get benched?
  5. probably him and the whole line except for mawae should be
  6. Got it

    Sit the dreadlock guys and put our future in, We are not making the playoffs so put Vince in the starting lineup and we have a better chance to win some ball games and in the same time we groom VY.
  7. Snookus

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    Finnegan has been part of several big plays, and he isn't even a starter.
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    Finn is a CB. Most of his plays have been pressure on the QB. That only shows he can get in the back field and get to the QB. That is not bad but our CBs need to cover revivers. Maybe a reason he has not shown up much in coverage?
  9. Snookus

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    Maybe he's where he needs to be then, in when we need something to happen and on special teams.
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    he was pretty good in coverage in the jets game. had a nice pass break up.
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