Vick admits guilt

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ONUV, Aug 20, 2007.

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    No, Translation: Don't drop the soap.
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    These are my intial thoughts:

    ESPN: They actually broke a story, stirred a federal investigation, and ultimately a plea. ESPN people. Pretty amazing. They are now ripping him to shreds for all the lies, which as we know, anyone who is committing a crime will have. But I give them credit, they did what the Federal Goverment could not, they backed the man into a corner for his crimes. Well done.

    The possible punishment: On the surface, looks weak at one year, but in reality, it does what it is intended to do. It breaks up the ring, saves some lives, and all but guarantees a major decrease in dog fighting activity for a few years. This is the first time dog fighting ever made it into the media. And the Feds got their man they've been chasing for a long time. The net effect on society will be largely positive.

    Mike Vick: He's got no value now. He wasn't even credited with being a good qb to begin with. He will make it as a backup somewhere. His life should not be over, but he's going to be starting from scratch when he comes back and it's gonna be ugly in Cleveland when he does. He's looking at 2010 for a comeback. He will become a curiosity at that point, and the media will be there to watch it.

    Virginia: Can he be charged by the State too after a Federal Plea? Or is this considered double jeopardy. By the way, Georgia, and Atlanta, did nothing. They sat idly bye. In some ways I hated that. But on another level, I sort of respect it too, because it would have been easy to pile on publicly and they never did. But I wonder, why no action. At least do something instead of sitting on your *** for you befallen hero.

    NFL Suspension: I think if the suspension is concurrent, I'm ok with that. The prison time is all he needs. Nothing more. No reason to pile on in my opinion.

    Will Atlanta Forgive him: I think so. I would not be surprised to see him as a backup qb there. With such a short sentence, and yet a three year waiting period, I think the forgiveness level will be high. He can recover from this. They will not forget, but they will forgive. And all eyes will be on the comeback.
  3. The Mrs

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    I wasn't offended at all. Just making sure that he wasn't quoted on something he didn't quote on.:suspect:
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    Phi....ESPN also ran a story (written by Len P handed to him on a platter by Vick's agent) in June about how Vick wouldn't be indicted on anything.....
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    I was just kidding. I saw that quote on a report on Yahoo. The quote seemed to be a little vague if it was supposed to be about Vick. But, you're explanation now makes the quote more understandable.
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    Initially, Virginia was not going to do anything, but now there are rumors that they may step in. He could get up to 40 years for crimes in that state. There is no double jeopardy in this instance, but it's not a usual course of action after the Feds have stepped in. Federal judges are appointed, state judges are elected, so politics come into play. Some feel that Vick is getting off very light, and the Feds should not have accepted a plea deal, since they had a good case and 3 witnesses that would testify. I am sure Vick is thrilled to take a plea, to avoid ugly testimony about what he did.

    As far as his career, most think he will be out of football for 3 years, and doubt if he can ever play QB again, but could be moved to slot receiver, etc. if any team would risk taking him.
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    Thus, the boom was lowered.
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    Is it true he didnt have to admit to gambling or "killing" dogs???
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