Truly taking the "best player available"

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by 2ToneBlueBlood, Feb 24, 2014.

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    Teams always say they are going to take the best player available when their pick comes up in the draft. I've always wondered how true that is. Take the Titans this year for instance, what if at #11 Sammy Watkins fell and he's the BPA on their board. Would they really pull the trigger on another WR when they have bigger needs?

    Another thing I've wondered is what if it just happened that the BPA on their board just happened to be the same position at every pick? Obiously they wouldn't draft 7 players at the same position, I'm just curious as to how they weigh their options against their needs, and compare the players on their board. If you have any insight on this, or good guesses please share.
  2. The Hammer

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    The team seems to have general needs everywhere. I think it Watkins fell, and they consider him BPA, then they would take him.
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    If you have a guy rated an 85 at OT and you already have an OT but you have a need at DT and there is one available that has a similar grade, you go with the DT.
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    Enters RollTide...
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    I'm a little surprised there hasn't been talk of Watkins to Houston at #1.

    They drafted his teammate, Hopkins, late in the 1st last year and he was up and down. They'll still need a replacement for AJ either way. They could always draft a QB later.
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    #1, I could see the Texans taking Watkins without a doubt. I do think they will go QB or trade down however. That being said, as much as I want to trade down, or snag a top tier pass rusher, if Watkins is sitting at #11, it would be INSANELY hard to pass that up. He is a walk on starter/playmaker/and name to fill seats. It won't happen though, he will be long gone, so no worries.
  7. TitansWillWin2

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    If watkins is there then we take him. If Fitz or Locker can't get the job done with Hunter, Wright, Watkins, and Washington something is seriously wrong.
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    If the BPA isn't one for of the many areas of need, then you try to trade out. If not, I don't pass on a clear BPA.
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    You guys know Watkins won't be there, right? I would say eight of the first ten teams have a need at WR. The only ones I will flat-out exclude are Atlanta and Cleveland(based on multiple first round picks and depth available).
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    I was just using Watkins as an example of a position that we don't really have a huge need at and was trying to use that to discuss whether or not the Titans would pull the trigger since it isn't a position of "need." Not discussing Watkins specifically.

    As far as the Texans, John McClain swears that they are going to take a QB. I think that's why the only other player you hear that they might take is Clowney because of his freakish ability.

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