Titans/Oilers Best Kicker All Time

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best kicker titans/oilers

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  1. Gary Anderson

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  2. Toni Fritsch

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  3. Joe Nedney

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  4. Rob Bironas

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  5. Al Del Greco

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  6. Tony Zendejas

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  7. George Blanda

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  8. Skip Butler

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  1. PhiSlammaJamma

    PhiSlammaJamma Critical Possession

    Vote for the best kicker in franchise history...

    Rob Bironas
    80-96 (83.3%)

    -Most game winning field goals in a season (4 in 2005)
    -Most field goals in a game (8)
    -Most points by a kicker in a game (26)
    -Most field goals in a half (5)
    -2008 Pro Bowl selection

    In week 12 of 2006, he kicked a 49 yard field goal in the final seconds to beat the New York Giants 24-21. The following week (December 3, 2006), he converted a 60 yard field goal with seven seconds remaining to upset the Indianapolis Colts. It was the longest in franchise history and is tied for the fourth longest field goal ever kicked in NFL history (along with Morten Andersen and Steve Cox). He is 3/3 on 50+ yard field goals in the 2007 season.

    Al Del Greco
    246-295 (83.4%)

    After a rough start, Del Greco went on to become the team's all-time leading scorer. In his five full seasons in Houston, he set four of the franchise's top 8 single-season scoring marks while setting the record for most consecutive games with at least one score. He also holds the top two marks for most consecutive PAT's. Hit five field goals against Philadelphia that put the Titans (10-3) a game ahead of Baltimore in the AFC Central.

    Joe Nedney
    46-60 (76.7%)

    After a series of kicks -- some counted, some didn't -- Joe Nedney made a 26-yard field goal 2:15 into overtime that gave the Titans a 34-31 AFC semifinal victory over the Steelers.

    Gary Anderson
    44-53 (83.0%)

    Anderson pushed a 46-yard field goal through the uprights with 29 seconds remaining giving the Tennessee Titans a 20-17 playoff victory over the Baltimore Ravens. Operating under pressure is nothing new to the kicker, who usually makes more than he misses with the game hanging in the balance.

    Tony Zendejas
    110-151 (72.8%)

    Outplaying a Seattle team that was missing their star running back, Curt Warner, Houston almost blew it when ex-Oiler Steve Largent tied the game at 20-20 with a TD catch in the final minute of regulation play. A controversial call negated a Houston turnover in overtime before Zendejas drilled a 42-yard FG for a 23-20 Oiler triumph.

    Tony Fritsch
    81-105 (77.1%)

    Brandt recalled that Fritsch kicked the winning field goal in his NFL debut. “It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen,” Brandt said. “A linebacker for the Cardinals was hollering, `Choke, Fritsch, choke!’ and Dave Edwards, our upback on the protection team, said, ‘He can’t understand English.’ ”

    Fritsch settled in with the Houston Oilers from 1977-81 and was part of their “Luv Ya Blue” heyday under Earl Campbell and coach Bum Phillips. He finished his NFL career kicking for Phillips on the New Orleans Saints in 1982.
    Fritsch still holds an NFL record by having kicked a field goal in 13 straight playoff games.

    Skip Butler
    70-122 (57.1%)

    Famous headline after missed kick read, "The Butler didn't do it."

    George Blanda
    75-157 (47.7%)

    He is the placekicker on the All-Time All-AFL Team,
  2. PitBull

    PitBull Bred to Brawl

    I like Bironis..

    Sure ALDel Greco helped us on occasion, but i won't ever forgive him for making too many mistakes in costly games (especially against the Ravens).. so he's on my **** list..
  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer Tip Jar Donor

    How is George Blanda on the all-time NFL team as a kicker? Dude barely for 50% of his kicks. I realise he was a do it all player (QB/K) but still.

    My vote is for Al Del Greco - even though I can't forgive him for Baltimore. Bironas may over take him when it is all said and done.
  4. desfletcher316

    desfletcher316 Occasional visitor

    2nd that.
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