This team will be something special...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RockyTop Fox, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. RockyTop Fox

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    Once we get a competent head coach, and quarterback. (whether it's Locker or not is unknown) You look at how we hang with any opponent in any stadium, turn the ball over 4+ times, commit horrible penalties and we STILL almost win. A decent head coach won't put up with all that crap. The rest of our team can play lights out. O-line are a bunch of bulldozers. We have a good mix of young talented WRs and old veterans. Our D is something FIERCE, and they're young too.

    Keep your heads up. This team will be something special very very soon. We're literally *this* close.
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  2. mike75

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    With a decent QB and new coaching i think this team can turn the corner.I really do hope we aren't subjected to another year of Munchak.Bud Adams wishes need to be respected after all it was playoffs or else.
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    This offseason we are going to find out a lot about ownership.Hopefully they are ready to make changes and not keep going with Munchak.
  4. Titanup1982

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    Say what?
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  5. TitanJeff

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    Saying you are a franchise QB away from being a solid team is what most teams in the league can say.
  6. mdfan

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    A quote from WaynesWorld87 on Coltfreaks
  7. Big TT

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    What do you see that makes you think any of this? I see average play, average coaching, pretty much average. We are the NFL "ideal" franchise.
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  8. PorcupineTree

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    Yeah, how much has Rocky Top had to drink to make a statement like that ? The Oline is horrific and (IMO) the main reason we have lost the bulk of the games we have this year. Their inability to run block, their unstable pass protection, their consistent ability to kill drives with holding and or false starts penalties (although for once they didn't kill us today for a change) and someone actually thinks they were anything more than a serious disappointment is baffling to me...
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    Munch time is over. No way lose to houston , jax, and Indy twice with this team. Cardinals and rams kill the colts and we can't beat them. We need a head coach and a QB. Pieces are in place for a competitive team. Lot more competitive then we have shown. The other thing we heard from preseason about running the ball. Being more physical. Haven't seen thAt any this year . If your telling me something going to be and it's it not , and have had 12 games to fix it . Got to go.
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  10. RockyTop Fox

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    Did we not run for almost 200 yards today? Did we not pound the ball down everyone's throats at the beginning of the season to a 3-1 record? They've been inconsistent, but when they play well they play as well as any group in the NFL. The inconsistency is to be expected from a young group.

    We have a lot more in place than your typical average or bottom tier team in the league. Even teams that have franchise QBs are struggling because they lack in other areas, like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York Giants, San Diego..

    I could see this team making a Kansas City like turnaround if we get the right coach in here.