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    I'd definitely say Kearse was a better player than Haynesworth overall. But I still think that 2008 season of Albert's was the best individual season. And I still gotta go Bulluck just because he was here for 10 years and pretty much always played at a high level. Not many guys you can say that about, unfortunately. Although I definitely agree that Kearse was a much better player than KB in their primes.
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    Kearse - Bulluck - Rolle would be my top 3 defensive players we've had.

    Haynesworth only ever had the one really good reason.
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    dont forget Bishop
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    Bishop was a beast. Trouble is most of his best years were during the dark years of the franchise. Starting from when they announced they were leaving Houston up to their last year as the Oilers -- When they played at Vanderbilt.

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    How the hell did I forget about Blaine? Yea he's definitely worth mentioning.
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    I listened to Mike Florio's PFT podcast from yesterday. On it he had Paul Kuharsky and John McLaine (longtime Houston sports writer). Kuharsky said if he was going to put a Titan on the list it would be George (over #9)... but honestly PK lost me when he left Earl off of his franchise Rushmore (I think he went with Eddie, Fisher, Munchak and Matthews). Old #34 is one of the top RB's of all time and carried this franchise on his back to consecutive AFC Championships. Ed can't be on there if Earl isn't.

    McLaine made a very compelling case for Bud; along with the Chiefs Lamar Hunt one of the two main founders of the AFL and very integral in keeping the NY Titans (later the Jets) franchise afloat (he basically gave the Titans/Jets Joe Namath who the Oilers in fact held the rights to), and along with Al Davis, decided to sign big name NFL players to huge contracts thus forcing the NFL into the merger (only Davis and Adams were willing to sign NFL players who were under contract... Lamar Hunt, Ralph Wilson etc were against this and thought it underhanded). Hunt himself later credited Adams as being the person most responsible for the successful AFL/NFL merger (saving the New York team and opening up his wallet to sign big name NFL players).

    The other thing that came across was how relatively clueless Kuharsky was in comparison to McLaine. McLaine is kind of a legend... one of the most respected beat writers in pro football (I think he's actually the president of the Pro Football Writers' Association), so I guess PK suffered in comparison, but still... the Titans could certainly use another stronger writer covering them (although I don't really mind Jim Wyatt).

    FWIW: Wycheck is on today's pod...still haven't had a chance to listen.
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    LOL @ leaving Campbell off. I think Kuharsky and JCBrave are the only two people on earth who did that.

    Yeah, McClain is awesome, knowledgeable, and entertaining. I always go out of my way to listen to his segments on 104.5 if at all possible. Kuharsky, he's kinda like the Deuce Wayne of the Nashville sports writing scene. I.E. I honestly don't think he believes a lot of the stuff that comes out of his mouth and is just going out of his way to be the contrarian. I also think he really plays up that "cranky yankee" schtick. He does know his stuff, to a certain extent. But he's stubborn as all hell and can be a straight up dickhead to anyone who happens to disagree with him. I can sometimes enjoy him in small doses though.

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    Hey I didn't mean to, I had to pick 4 guys, and ran out of spots.

    See Campbell retired before I was a serious football fan, so it's more about me missing out on him than not respecting him enough to include him on my Mt Rushmore.
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    Unless you're from Tennessee and are ecstatic that the NFL was brought to your state, you have to be a complete idiot to vote for Bud Adams.

    Adams is one of the worst NFL owners and has been for years. His ownership has been marked by stupid decisions and micromanagement. See, for example, how the Oilers went from 12-4 in 1993 to 2-14 in 1994. Or, consider that the Oilers/Titans have never won a Super Bowl. Bud Adams is a joke and this stupid Mt. Rushmore list is a joke for including him on it.
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    I love the Bud.

    I wouldn't trade that goofy looking, hair-hatted, cantankerous old fart for any other owner in football.

    I'm not from Tennessee. I've likely been a passionate fan of this franchise since before you were born (unless you're an old **** like me... and if that's the case my apologies... and condolences :) ). I have dozens of books on both the old AFL and the Oilers. And have suffered heart break after heart break rooting for this team for close to 40 years (egads!)

    And... I love the Bud.

    He's not perfect, but he's never spared a dime on players. The team had one of the highest payrolls during the early nineties and again during the Titans best years. He's never failed to step up when payroll cash was required. He's made decisions that I don't agree with, but he's always been completely committed to winning a Super Bowl. He's not one of those owners that are satisfied with simply being competitive for the sole purpose of keeping the fans happy... dude wants to win championships. He's willing to do some crazy, and often out of the box chit to achieve this.

    No one in the AFL era was more aggressive with personnel signings than Adams. During the Earl Campbell "Love Ya Blue" era he pretty much gave Bum Phillips and Ladd Herzog carte blanche to run the team as they saw fit. Bum was a huge draw in Houston and a fan favourite, but when Bud became convinced Bum wasn't going to be able to bring home a championship, he made Herzog himself fire Phillips. If he had let Bum run the show, his team would have continued to be hugely popular and draw sold out crowds... but Bud isn't about making fans happy... Again, Bud wants to win championships.

    When prized free agent CFL QB Warren Moon became available who made him the game's highest paid player? And when at the last minute Seattle stepped up with a similar offer, Bud signed Moon's CFL head coach Hugh Campbell to a big contract with the sole purpose of enticing Moon further (and promptly fired Campbell after one season and ate the balance of that contract).

    Bud can be unscrupulous in his dealings, especially with local politicos (because he hates politicians... and again... how can you not love the guy for that) He's certainly not sentimental and can be pretty harsh (when he's done with someone... he's done... ask Bum, Fisher or Mike Reinfeldt)... but it's very rarely, if ever at the expense of the team he puts on the field.

    I don't always agree with his methods (but it is HIS team), football isn't rocket science... Bud's been totally entrenched in the game of pro football since before I was born, so I'm gonna go ahead and say he probably knows what he is doing (even when I disagree with his decisions). I never question his motivation... ever.... and there's a whole bunch of corporate suit owners that I certainly can't say that about.

    I love the Bud.