The Titans have named Jake Locker their starting QB

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by lilkhmerkid4u, Aug 20, 2012.

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    go root for the texans or something will ya
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    We will def beat the chargers. Even our shoty secondary can pick off the int machine Rivers. But it's not fake. Sports center just confirmed the report too.
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    I think Locker knowing he is the man will help him relax out there.
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    I feel like this sends a bad message to players. We aren't putting the best players on the field. Jake is only starting because he was a 1st rounder. As bad as he played Friday (and even taking into account his "potential"), if he wasnt a third rounder he definitely wouldnt be starting.
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  5. Deuce Wayne

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    If I were a Texans fan, I'd WANT Locker to start for the Titans...
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    It will be interesting to see if his play improves now that he isnt worried about having to impress to get the starting job. Hopefully it will make him more confident in the pocket and we will see improvement. Im a huge supporter of Locker but he did look horrible in the last preseason game. Glad to see that our front office is at least being decisive for once for better or worse...
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    If my memory serves me correct, just last night you were saying a certain QB would never make it because of his "noodle arm." Yet, you want Hass over Locker? Really? If you think Hass has anything other than a noodle arm, you may want to reevaluate him.
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    Isn't that the point? We drafted him 8th overall, sooner or later we have to see what he has. I think 1 year of sitting and learning is plenty. We're going to have to go through growing pains with Locker at QB regardless.

    Maybe Hasselbeck does give us a better, immediate chance to win...It's just time for him (Locker) to start. Naming him starter now is good, he can focus and hopefully the butterflies stay away. He looked a bit nervous in his first start and he'll grow from it for sure. When you start you have time to think about things. We've seen the good things he is capabale of doing when he was thrown into the fire against New Orleans last season (then he didn't have time to think, just go out and play)

    We'll see how he does Thursday night.
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  9. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    It goes a bit deeper than just "noodle arm". Imo, all Jake has is a cannon of an arm. He just can't control it.
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    Good decision. Had to be done. Will we lose a game or two because of it? Probably. The kid is going to take some lumps. All young QB's do. But I still believe he would win us more games than Hass would.

    Now we need to get the WR's and OL up to snuff, and this season could be something special.

    ETA: I would seriously consider sending Jake to a sports psychologist. He is a hard worker, and takes things seriously, which is awesome, but both in college and so far here, it seems to get him too tight at the beginning of games. I think if he could learn to relax a little, it would do wonders.

    And hopefully, working with Jake full time will get the WR's used to catching his bullets. It had to be tough alternating between Jakes hard throws and Hass' floaters all offseason.

    Now, Palmer needs to figure out how to call plays for a mobile QB.
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