The official "Reinfeldt is an idiot" free agency thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by onetontitan, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Jwill1919

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    Excellent point. Now we get to go back and watch those fun "Bend but don't break" defensive philosophy games where our DBs get abused for 60 minutes! I don't care if you are a stud, without a DLine, our DBs are going to get eaten alive.
  2. TitanJeff

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    Some of you have really short memories. Just two years ago, you were calling the GM an idiot because he didn't manage the cap well and the Titans ended up with the most inexperienced team in the league due to a purge.

    Now, we have a GM dedicated to the franchise never having to do that again by only investing in core/top players and we get the same people complaining again.

    Here's the thing. The contracts for the top players in the league are not going anywhere but up. The Titans have as their core players:


    And some would add White, Hope, and Thornton to this mix. Some may even go as far as to think Bironas' value is much higher than anything the team has lost in free agency. And we don't know if someone else on the roster (like Finnegan) could emerge into that core.

    Point being, the Titans have to invest in the core and we have three or four guys who are at risk to be lost after this season. Keeping them will be expensive. If we want to keep our core AND be able to be a part of free agency in seasons to come, it's key to not overpay now for average players.

    Losing Odom was a shame but I doubt most of you would place him in the group I list above. LaBoy, Bell, Hartwig and Starks are not close to being on that list.

    If anyone wants to be critical of Reinfeldt, it's that the Titans are not getting nearly enough production from their draft picks. The top teams in the league manage the cap well, keep their core and get their draft picks to contribute right away.
  3. The Playmaker

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  4. Laserjock

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    I am not so sure Odom is not going to be a bigger loss than we think. I think that has been my biggest disappointment in FA so far. We keep saying these guys that get away are not worth the money they are getting, but they apparently are to someone. Maybe someone will come about as a trade or maybe even during cuts as TC goes by, but it just leaves a huge gap in our DL that we have no answer for. And our DBs are not the kind that can hang out on the island and cover for 5-10 we saw with the loss to the Chargers.

    I have no clue if we could have afforded Odom at what he got from Cincy...but I sure as heck know it may cost us down the line if we don't find someone, or a couple of someones, to fit that hole.
  5. MJTitans

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    I might add that your list of core players is a smart core to have - 2 top d linemen, 2 top o linemen, QB, LB and S. Without those 7 specific positions, no team can go anywhere in this league. With those 7, you can often have average skill players look like pro bowlers. Depending on the style of ball you want to play, you then need a productive RB, TE and WR. We're really 1 player away from that right now. Vince is the wildcard in the equation - he has to improve his play, but to think that we were even in the playoff race for the 1st 2 years of his career gives me hope he'll turn the corner. If he does and we can keep the core together then we'll be a serious contender for a while.
  6. PhiSlammaJamma

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    We will be younger than ever next year, that is for sure, but I am totally comfortable with plugging in rookies. They usually bring a lot of energy. More than you often think they will bring. Young Athletic players can fill holes in my opinion and I think we will be just fine as long we give them a little extra attention. Veterans often take one year to fit in anyway, so going with raw athletic talent is the way to go if all we are looiking at is a group of average at best veterans.
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    Thank goodness he left for the Panthers 3 seasons ago then.Get with the program you Quadragenarian coot.:tj: :grrhee:
  8. onetontitan

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    we were only playoff contenders because of our defense. Vince didn't contribute whatsoever. he's overrated. BIRONAS was our MVP. I don't see Vince or our offense getting any better with the kind of moves we've made in past drafts and free agency
  9. TitanJeff

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    There I go thinkin' one thing and typin' another. :suspect:

    Hartwig popped into my head as an example of someone who many complained about losing to free agency. Ultimately, we actually improved the position by bring in Mawae.
  10. Alex1939

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    I think Bell is in a class above LaBoy and Starks.

    Everyone who thinks our O-line will be fine because our O-line coach seems to get the most out of late round picks, well, all good things come to an end. I mean, trust me, I hope it works out. But just because it's worked in the past doesn't mean it will continue to work.

    And had we re-signed Bell and Odom for slightly higher than the contracts they received, we would still be FINE with cap room for the future.

    I'm not suggesting we keep them AND bring in 5 high dollar free agents. But you'd think we could at least do one or the other. Not re-signing our own drafted talent that does well, and not signing anyone else's good-to-decent scaps isn't a good strategy at all.
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