The AFC wild card race is gonna be brutal this year

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    Agreed. This is a list of every team with a winning record after week 3. Plenty of these guys will start to fade out of the playoff race by the time week 12 is here. I have a feeling we may be one of them, but with a solid defense it's like you're in every game until the very end.
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    The Houston game balanced out bc they missed 3 fgs. I will take that lose. I'm glad that we beat ****sburg and got the monkey off our back beating SD. We should beat the Jets by double digits next week.
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    Just a couple of weeks ago, the only decent team in the AFC was Denver and the NFC was loaded.

    Things change fast in the NFL.
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    Jets will surprise us. They have a legit defense. It's going to be a real test for our offense to put up some points against those guys. I think we win because I think we're better, but its the kind of game where a few mistakes might cost one team or the other. We need to cash in on some of those Geno Smith INT's while he's stlll dolin' 'em out.
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    I agree lets not jump the gun their is still lots of football left. But this win especially from behind and it being with lockers arm at the end really was the convidence the OC needed to look into more options with locker and really lift this team as a whole and say hey maybe we do got an offense who cAn score and it's just not the defense that's improved. I think we're coming along great and the best is yet to come. Pollard played great and I even see it in Griffen a little more to be aggressive. Cj was nice. Locker is MVP of this game. The refs sucked I always feel like we're snake bitt when it comes to refs ugh am I the only one ? Last thing cause I could talk all day but what's wrong with BIRONAS ? Should we be worried?????? I still think he's elite but it's early and he's missed some that usually he would get with no problem!
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    KC's defense has been pretty scary so far.
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    I actually think it won't even be close.
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    It would be nice if we could get a nice healthy double digit win before the bye. If we can do that then I bet we really make some noise around the league. Don't want to show our hand and peak too early though. I will be happy if we can make it deep into the season injury free and minimize mistakes and penalties. I like this teams attitude from what the players have said in the interviews. They don't sound selfish at all...Win as a TEAM!!! I think we have a legit shot at the playoffs if can get those mistakes/penalties corrected. And continue to play to our strengths.
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    Will the Steelers be in it :biglaugh:
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    I don't see our offense putting up gaudy numbers against their D. We may dominate the game, much like we did today, but odds are we'll win by less than we should, again like today. SD has a much worse defense than NYJ.