Super Bowl XXXVIII steroid use...

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Sukrillux, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Vigsted

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    Well, considering they penatly IF caught is only a 4 game suspension, you'd be naive to think there isn't quite a consumption of steroids in the NFL. Although I suspect the NCAA is in an even worse state when it comes to doping.
  2. Childress79

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    I've been lifting weights for 20 yrs now & it doesn't matter what you eat or how you train the only shortcuts to making big gains are Roids.

    Those college athletes are running around with a decades worth of muscle on them in no time at all. Here in the UK every serious gym (free weights as opposed to fitness clubs) has a high number of recreational roid users.

    Roids are rife in western culture. Look at Christian Bale in Batman Begins & Brad Pitt in Troy. If they walked around built like that all the time I'd say fair play to them but they don't. That's steroids at work folks.

    In the NFL & especially in College the main drug is Growth Hormone.
  3. GoT

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    Ephedra is a diet drug and perfectly legal. The NFL banned it because some kids were taking 20x the daily dosage to loose many pounds fast. Some died of heart attacks and some got lucky and just ruined their livers. Some reciever attempted a comeback from the booth to the filed and lost like 20 pounds in 3 days, but almost ruined his liver, can't remember the idiots name right now.

    Point is if punk kids could contain themselves from being stupid I could still buy Ripped Fuel. Truly a product that delivered what it promised.
  4. Every athlete has used steroids at one point in there career, its the people who get caught that get all the attention.
  5. Gunny

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    sounds like a laxative.
  6. Crash Override

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    It's easy to tell if somebody is on roids. They have rage outbursts, and just by looking at someone you can tell it's impossible to get that big without using roids.
  7. I don't know, it sounds an awful lot like being pregnant... :ha:
  8. GoT

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    Not gonna lie to ya it made me jumpy, but take 2 pills before every meal and I really did not want more than a small portion of food, and the Ripped Fuel kept me going. Lost 30 pounds over 4 months without even trying. Then the US banned Ephedra and well I put the 30 back on over a year and a half or so.

    I know I could just exercise, and eat a sensible diet. But I found a magic pill that worked for me and the gov'ment took it from me cause of those pesky kids.
  9. Blazing Arrow

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    Seriously GoT you should not take anything with ephedrine in it. If it does not kill you it wreaks havoc on your nervous system. It is not good to lose that much weight at once it shocks your metabolism so it does not adjust properly.

    In my first year of college in my bio lab we used ephedrine on dissected frog legs. We also opened up there chest and used the same thing on there hearts. With one drop (the stuff we were using was pretty pure) you could restart the frogs heart and get the leg to jump uncontrollably. TO A DEAD FROG!
  10. Childress79

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    Ripped fuel is ephedra free & mainly is a blend of a high dose caffeine,pepper & ginger root. It does raise your heart rate for about 4 hours & claims to raise the bodies core temp therefore burning more calories.

    It also contains St Johns Wort which herbalists use as an anti depressant so if your on any SSRI's dont take ripped fuel or it will add to your problems. Even if your not on any meds Ripped fuel will affect your mood a little like amphetamines so beware of drinking alchohol whilst taking it.

    Finally long term use of Ephedra or any ephedra like compounds such as Ripped Fuel strip the hearts walls of muscle tissue due to the prolonged artificially elevated heart rate.

    If your are going to use stuff like that or stronger stuff then you should invest in some Taurine tablets. They are the main amino acid used as a building block for heart tissue & are inexpensive & easy to find.

    This is doctor Childress signing off.:))
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