Steelers @ Titans Game Thread

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. memphis_raven

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    Congrats on the big win guys, that was huge! Told you there is something about the home team on Thursday night. Love it!
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  2. TitanJeff

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    I was almost surrounded by Steeler fans but all were respectful. I loved watching them drink the shut-up juice. Watching them stream out after the game brought me much joy.
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  3. tnfan47

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    I could definitely tell CJ was hitting his holes in last night's game. He wasn't doing it every time, but majority which was enough to make a difference in the running game.

    Britt was disappointing me earlier in the game, but made up for it on that sideline grab and the TD (2nd attempt).

    Overall the team played as a team last night. They were not perfect, but made the right plays at the right time. I'm expecting this team to carry over this momentum into the next game.

    I have a feeling we'll win the next couple games. Chicago will be a test, but that's for another thread tho. Go Titans!!
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  4. Titaneers

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    can someone do me a favor? can i get a picture of ben's face right when bironas kicked that game winner in? it's priceless!
  5. Titansman1

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    I think this was the most complete game we've played so far this year. I was sure the defense was going to blow it at the end but they didn't which was a pleasant surprise. All I know is I don't care if don't win another game all year this was one game I was dying to win as I can't stand Pissburg and their stupid yellow dish rags they so dearly covet!
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  6. Titansman1

    Titansman1 Time To Start Crushing!

    Ok, so I lied about not caring if we win another game all year but still, this was one I REALLY wanted bad and I'm glad we were able to pull it out of the!
  7. Riverman

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    I took my entire family to game. Surrounded by Steelers fans. All decent talked smack but took smack with a smile at the end of the game. Annoying but not obnoxious.

    I thought the stadium upgrades looked particularly cool at night. They seem to have been monitoring recs on this board because they employed a lot more 300 graphics this game.

    It was a great win for the franchise. I don't expect it to have fixed all or even most of our problems but I AM hopeful it will keep the players playing hard. I like Hasselbeck's statement that he hopes the win will serve as a "stake in the ground". That seems about right with me.
  8. Zappa71

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    I LOVE your avatar.
  9. Zappa71

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    Yea, it's not like we arent hurt too.
  10. GoT

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    pissburgH sucks like always

    Like TJ said really enjoyable seeing those local stooler biotchbois taking their pissrags and sulking away

    and for that punk sitting 2 rows in front of me - noticed you left right after the Bironas FG - I thought you said you were gonna walk down the ramp with me?