So why did Bud Adams fire Mike Reinfeldt?

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    I thought Reinfeldt was doing a good job. I think he was bringing in talented players Bud is just to stupid to realize that we lack the coaching staff to develop the coaches into better players!
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    I remember when Chris Johnson was drafted and everyone said:

    1) Who the F is that?
    2) Why did we draft a running back in the 1st round when we already had 3?
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    He wasn't interested in coming here because a good buddy of mine owns a Lumber Yard in Knoxville and he has been a long time Tennessee booster. He was telling me that he wasn't interested at all and he only showed up in that Orange polo to get more media attention and get the respect of the people in Tennessee. If he didn't even give Tennessee a chance, many fans may have turned their blind allegiance to him.

    Don't worry though, Manning will do his normal choke job in the Playoffs. He's beat some pretty non-impressive teams in his 11 game winning streak such as the Chiefs and Raiders twice as well the down Chargers.
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    idk, we've been bad for a while now..We'd probably be pretty close to "right" if we'd stop winning meaningless games in december, saving our incompetent coaches job, and got out of the middle of the road for once
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    We picked in the top-ten two years ago, and here we are again, in the top-ten. It doesn't matter where you pick if you pick the wrong guy, which we consistently do. That's why bad teams stay bad, they pick ****** players.

    I gave you a laundry list of guys who the Titans picked after the tenth pick who were all fantastic players and were a part of a winning program. Amazing how that happens.
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    I think for Manning it would have been too weird to come to Tennessee. What with the history with the Vols and being in the Colts division. He does not seem to have any ill will towards the Colts and probably did not want the drama that would come along with playing in Tennessee.

    Plus, well, look at our OC at the time o_O
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    If I were a Redskins fan I would not count my chickens before they hatch. They won a weak division. And sucked for years up until now. It is not unthinkable that they could slide back.

    And some Titans fans do not seem to realize just how bad the Colts franchize was. The NFL did not start in 1999. The Colts sucked hard for well over 25 years before this recent streak. They were so bad John Elway refused to play for them when they drafted him.
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    I remember 4 other RBs taken before him. I also remember people saying he was a poor mans Reggie Bush before the draft.
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    post draft hes a rich mans Bush