So what are our plans if the Jake Locker experiment fails???

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    Does that really get on your nerves?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

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    Being a Titans fan will do that to you
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    He really seemed like he was finally starting to "get it" that last year with us. 98.6 QB rating and 10 TDs to 3 INTs. And 2 of those INTs came in that 1 game versus Pittsburgh. I believe at one point he was even leading the league in QB rating.

    The sky was the limit for VY. Fisher wasn't completely free of blame but at the end of the day VY has no one to blame but himself for the way his career turned out. A true franchise QB would've done everything in their power to prove the doubters wrong. VY chose to just sulk and throw tantrums instead.

    It's crazy to think how different the past 6-7 years might've been if Pacman and VY would've had their heads on straight. Probably would've had a ring in '08 if nothing else.
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    I am living proof.
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    So I was reading ESPN and in the comments section someone posted this article for ProFootballFocus talking about their Accuracy percentage stat in which they calculate q QB's accuracy by dividing completions and drops by attempts that do not include throw aways, spikes, batted passes, and pass thrown while a QB is being hit.

    Here is the actual formula:

    Through the first five weeks of the season Jake Locker was ranked as the 4th highest QB in Acc% with 79.8% only behind RG3 (82.0%), Aaron Rodgers (80.8), and Alex Smith (80.6). I think this helps support the fact that Locker was playing very well before he injured himself and his accuracy went to hell and makes me hopeful for our season this year.

    With our new OL possibly being the best in the NFL and our defense being the most talented one we've fielded since 2008 I believe Locker will just have to be good for us to make it to the playoffs and this article suggests he can do just that.

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    I think we should draft AJ McCarron because he is a straight baller.


    This kid can't be allowed to leave the southeast.
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    I'm officially Team AJ McCarron 2014 if Locker eats **** this year.

    Can you imagine the potential circus when this redneck ass and his genetically superior girlfriend are set loose in Nashville?

    This. Must. Happen.
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    In an offense that was completely dumbed down for him to understand
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    Anything having to do with VY is laughable.
    But at the same time the concept is similar with Locker. The Palmer fiasco ended up being exactly what Jake didn't need. Over complication and a poor running game.
    And yes, Locker's accuaracy or lack of it is way over blown. People ignore some of the great throws he was able to make. So the concept is simple and that is to improve the running game, give him more play action opportunities and a cleaner pocket.

    It is also simple if Locker bombs. You go with Fitz and draft another QB. What else can we do?
    But even with Fitz and the running game improved with the WRs we have we can have some success. I really think Locker will be fine as long as he stays healthy and expect the offense to more like it was with VY under Dinger. Difference being Locker is a much better passer than VY. And a much more coachable, hard working good teammate. Also not dumber than a box of rocks.
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    I would be happy to see the Titans draft Aaron Murray or AJ McCarron..