So we are desperate at linebacker?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Feb 1, 2014.

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    Would you say the front 4 was getting "pressure" on him all night?
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    The Morgan talk is ****ing sad.

    If you could go back to that draft, would you be content with a guy who has had 12 sacks since then? **** no, and if you do that is blind homerism and you should go to an ESPN board.

    All this feel good garbage about how he brings pressure is horse ****. If we had a QB that could always get us in the redzone but never throw TDs how would that make everyone feel? A sack ends the play, pressure doesn't and I will take a sack over the other possibilities all day. Derrick Morgan is part of the close enough culture we have tolerated for the past 10 years.

    A guy who has a career high of 6 sacks is a 'pressure' monster:rolleyes: You guys need to say this **** out loud and hear how ****ing stupid it sounds. I am sorry he isn't as colossal of a bust as Vince or PacMan or says as many stupid things as CJ does but the guy has been average thus far.
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    preach it my brotha
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    I'm seeing Anthony Barr fall in alot of mocks.

    He was once a Top-5 pick (projected), now he's around the 10-15 range. Which, is perfect for us. There's still a good chance he goes before us, alot unknown with the combine not taking place yet. But, Barr at #11 is looking like a real possibility.

    I wonder if Barr is on the board at #11, we call PIT (#15) and try to work a deal. PIT moves up for either the #2 WR (jumping STL) or an OT (jumping NYG/STL). Problem is, PIT doesn't have a 3rd rounder either. So for us to do this deal, it would be like PIT 1st/2nd for TEN 1st/4th. Not sure if the value is there for PIT to do that.

    Regardless: praying for Barr at #11. Team him up with his old DC.
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    Agree 100% and put perfectly.
  6. Dee

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    People still believe in McCarthy?!? For one he can't stay on the field. He also lost his spot to a below average MLB even when healthy. I like him as a back up and special teams but not the starting middle linebacker of my defense.
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    Pretty much
  8. xhrr

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    He can be our new Patrick Bailey after we cut the real one.
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  9. Brew City

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    Sometimes I wonder if you guys actually read posts or read the first line and make up the rest.

    No one here is saying he was a great pick in the first round. Absolutely no one. We are saying that he isn't as bad as people here make him out to be. Hes not a superstar, but he's a solid all around DE that does his job every play. Just because he isn't living up to where he was drafted doesn't mean he isn't a solid contributor to this team, which he definitely is. You don't cut guys based upon production v draft position, you cut them if they're not producing at all.
  10. Scarecrow

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    Where have I EVER said we should cut Morgan?