So we are desperate at linebacker?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Feb 1, 2014.

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    In 2011 2 of our top 4 picks were linebackers. Ayers in the 2nd and Mccarthy in the 4th.

    In 2012 we drafted Zach brown with our 2nd rd pick.

    2013 we use a third rd pick on Xavier Gooden.

    So what do we do with all these guys? Special teams?

    Considering that the 3-4 OLB position is almost the same as the 4-3 De position than that makes Morgan and Edwards OLBs until somebody says different.

    What do we do with 2 of the fastest linebackers in the game, Brown and Gooden? Isn't that what a good DC will do is make the best use of guys like this?

    Zach Brown is a real wild card here because if used right he can be an impact player. Since he doesn't seem to have the best instincts and has trouble finding the ball carrier perhaps his best position is OLB where he can play in space and his role is more easily defined. Using his speed to get up the field ad rush the QB and cover responsibilities when he is not rushing.

    Gooden would be used inside where with his speed he could run sideline to sideline and his cover skills would be a real asset.

    Ayers obviously would be on the outside and would be rushing the passer a lot.

    Now could we use a really good run stopping ILB? Sure. Do we need a pass rusher off the edge? Sure. But there is talent there for Ray Horton to work with.

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    We all agree we have a good roster, but youre really content moving forwards with McCarthy and Gooden...

    Its too soon to give up on Gooden but McCarthy is injury prone and lost his job to the horrible Moise Fokou
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    I still have hope for McCarthy. I'm expecting him to have a career year under Horton this season.
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    I still like McCarthy as well. He did pretty well on limited action last year. With a good offseason he could be our ilb. At least we have a real coaching staff tp evaluate these players.
    Gooden, Brown and McCarthy are prob who Horton was referring too, when made his comments on speed.

    I think will get an OLB and a IlB. One in draft and one in FA.
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    He might still have a future here, Jerry Gray was awful so I guess Im ok seeing if McCarthy has what it takes. Still wish wed get a LB early this draft
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    I want to give Horton along with Spanos the opportunity to work with these guys and see how they fit into his system and how he can adapt his system to them. Collectively it was a poor year for our linebackers so this is an area of potential improvement.
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    Rolb- wimbley ( if he takes a cut)
    mlb- mccarthy and gooden or mccarthy and brown
    lolb- brown or ayers

    With the guys we have thats the best set. but, mccarthy is injury prone, wimbley may not take a cut, gooden is to young to have proven anything ( i like him tho) and ayers is looking more like a good rotation guy rather than a starter. I think brown could excel at either Ilb or lolb.

    I do think we are pretty desperate at the lb pos, but we don't need to pay big money for a guy quite yet. We could get a decent priced vet and/or a rook to put a little fire under the guys we have and I think our guys end up winning the hon.
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    You move Gooden & Brown to ILB. Ayers starts OLB. McCarthy stays inside. Then you draft your other OLB. My dream:

    1st Round: Khalil Mack (or Barr)
    Free Agent: Donald Butler

    ROLB: Ayers & Morgan
    ILB: Butler, Brown, Gooden, & McCarthy
    LOLB: Mack & Edwards
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    I think Brown is a better fit on the edge. He is our best blitzing LB and will get to do it a lot more in a 3-4. Hopefully Ayers can excel on the other side and we wouldn't have a need for an OLB with Morgan as well. I think our main concern on draft day depending upon FA should be DL and ILB from a defensive standpoint. I don't really like Moseley so I'd rather see us draft a guy like Hageman or Nix.
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    Idk about morgan as a olb, he could never drop into coverage. brown would be good at any lb position and can cover better than morgan, i would like to see him on the edge. Don't really care for ayers either would rather see him rotate, I like him as a backup. A fa mlb would help a lot and would put more pressure on gooden ( who I think will be a good player for us). If wimbly won't take a cut, then we must go after a early pass rusher or sign orakpo ( this is the best move imo).
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