Sheldon Richardson is our guy or a guy a team will trade up for...

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2004, Feb 6, 2013.

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    I really think that Sheldon Richardson could be our pick at #10. I think he is the most disruptive DT in the draft. Star gives you a little more stuffing power, but if you want a playmaker/impact DT then Richardson is the guy. I think he will blow up at the combine with his agility for a guy his size and solidify himself as the #2 DT.

    I think the Cowboys would love to have him playing in their new Tampa 2 scheme playing the role of Sapp. The eagles traded up to get Fletcher Cox at #13 last yr and I think Richardson is a guy teams will be willing to move for.

    We need a disruptive interior DL to get after Schaub and Luck. He has a great motor and does a nice job of sniffing out screens and reading plays. I think his frame will allow him to carry a few more pounds as well.

    Watch his youtube highlights against Alabama...very impressive game against top competetion.

    Another great video to watch is Missouri vs. Kentucky...get to see Richardson and Warford battle it out.
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    "He has a great motor" That's all you had to say, we should give up everything to make sure we get him.
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    I'm going to disagree. I have an aversion to taking smaller under tackle types that high in the draft. Many such picks have turned out to be disappointments though Fletcher Cox played well as a rookie and McCoy broke out a bit for Tampa.

    Richardson got run on against Bama and Kentucky. And Fluker when he had the chance seemed to bully him a bit on block downs. I personally think Warfard got the best of him in the Kentucky game.

    Hankins has more the look of that dominating guy inside and the value for a DT in rd 2 should be pretty good especially if we wanted to trade up some. Short, Floyd are DTs with similar characteristics.
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    I agree that Warford got the best of him in the Kentucky game for the most part, but Richardson was still able to make several impact plays.

    Sure Richardson got pushed around a little against Bama, but again he made a bunch of plays.

    It is really hard for a DT to be totally dominant all game long.

    I think Richardson is head and shoulders above the 2nd tier guys in terms of his suddeness and ability to flash. I just don't see that burst from Hankins, Floyd, or Short. You don't make 75 tackles from the DT spot without burst and hussle.

    Richardson does a great job of pursuing plays and because of his extra hussle he gives himself a chance to make turnovers.

    I just think that we will see Richardson wow people at the combine and that he will be the 2nd DT off the board and will be a guy teams might consider trading up for.

    I think the 3rd best DT is Brandon Williams and that he is going to be a 1st rnder by draft time. This kid has amazing agility for a guy 340lbs. He has put up great numbers against smaller school competition and flashed in the Senior Bowl. Here is a video of him walking on his hands.
    Not that hand walking makes you a football player, but it is impressive.

    I'm just glad that the draft appears deep at OG and DT which certainly are areas of need for us.
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    Only white guys have great motors.
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    Anywho, I disagree. I like Sheldon Richardson.. reminds me of a Henry Melton. He's loyal (stayed home @ Mizzou, when had way better offers) & I like that. Seems to really care about winning/losing (judging off interviews). However, he's only 6'3 295, and that's not what we need. Martin, Klug, and Casey are all 3-tech DTs, we use them in the B-gap to disrupt the back field. All 3 of them are 1-gap players. We need a 1-tech NT, a two-gap player, somebody who's main job is to clog up the holes and be a stud vs. the run and collapse the pocket up the middle. This is why we struggled vs. runs up the middle, Marks was our 1-tech, and he got destroyed alot. Sheldon is not the guy we need @ #10.

    We need to be looking at:

    Star Loutulelei (1st)
    Kawann Short (2nd)
    Jessee Williams (2nd)
    Johnathan Hankins (2nd)
    John Jenkins (2nd)
    Sylvester Williams (2nd)
    Brandon Williams (3rd)
    Montori Hughes (4th)
    Kwame Geathers (4th)

    Hopefully, we can pickup one of those guys. Don't get me wrong, I like Sheldon Richardson, he's just not a fit for what the Titans need.
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    We need pressure up the middle and a guy who can make plays and Richardson does that. It is very rare to find the AH type of DT that can stuff the run and be a menace getting after the QB.

    I think Richardson is the 2nd best DT and if somehow Star, Jones, Moore, Milliner, Werner, and Warmack are off the board then he could be the pick if nobody wants to trade up with us.
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    Again, no. Mike Martin, Jurrell Casey, and Karl Klug are both one gap players, and get pressure up the middle. We need a 1-tech NT who can clog up the run, and free up Martin, Casey, Klug, Wimbley, and Morgan. Any of those guys I listed can do that.
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    Brandon Williams of MSSU bench pressing 500 pounds today at Athlete's Performance in Pensacola, Florida where he is training for the NFL Combine. The guys aren't maxing out until after the combine, so this is far short of what he can actually bench press!

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    You don't just draft for need in the 1st. You look for the best impact player available. It is a real possibilty that Richardson could be the BPA.

    Who do you take at #10 if Star, Jones, Mingo, Moore, Werner, Milliner, Joekel and Warmack are off the board?