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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Deuce Wayne, May 3, 2012.

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    Maybe because of ignorant jackasses like you that throw insults around like you're in high school. Grow up.
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    For the record, I threw out facts. Then I was confronted by posters who didn't like those facts. The truth hurts sometimes, I guess.

    If I was spreading slanderous lies about your beloved plot of land I would get it, but I didn't. I provided stats from the CDC, WHO and the census. I didn't make the south the way it is. Sorry for getting the truth out there.

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    Hey Fry, you're right, the south has less money and because of that may have more problems than other regions, but people also need about 1/3 of the money they'd need if they lived close to NYC. A lot of the places on that list Alex provided are within close proximity to Manhattan, a major draw.

    What's bringing people in to TN, MS and GA? It's cheaper land, and maybe milder winters.
    Cost of living is significantly lower in the south, so it's fine not to make six figures annually.
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    And now you throw out gay comments like DW... me thinks you doth protest too much!

    Careful, Titans Eternal is going to be jealous!
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    I just call out grown men on their whining. If you don't like where you live, do something about it.

    Yeah work and school and family and blah blah blah. Be a man, do what you want, make it happen, take the risk, don't whine like a bizich.
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    It all starts with education. The percentage of people in the south that graduate from high school is about 5% lower(depending on the state) than the national average. With more education comes more knowledge(hello condoms, goodbye STDs), higher paying jobs and more money(goodbye 16% poverty rate).

    And I honestly don't know what brings people to Georgia. Have you ever driven down I75? On one billboard you see, "HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION" on the next you'll see, "BRING BACK JESUS" and on the third you'll see "MASSAGE PARLOR NEXT EXIT. TRUCK PARKING." Am I the only one that sees a little hypocrisy?

    North Carolina, on the other hand, is fantastic. There's a place I could see myself living.
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    Two more months. :D
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    Congrats Yanq!
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    Sorry, but you can throw out facts and still act like an ***. You're still in college? That doesn't suprise me. Also, quit using, it is not a cedible source. Ask any professor, they will throw something at you if you try and use a citation from Wikipedia. :)

    Back to the main question that nobody has hit on yet, and that is how in the hell do you get a 1.9 gpa in majors such as Communications, Golfing, Swimming Pool Management?
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    Sometimes, I see pictures of skinny people with bloated bellies dying of starvation and malnutrition. They're always in a desert or some barren landscape, usually somewhere in Africa. A voice of concern asks for donations, so they can send boxes of rice to these people, so they will stop dying.

    But I think, why don't these people just move to where the food is, so we can save money shipping the food to them. Because after they eat all that, we'll just have to send them more.

    Anyway, don't just sit and complain about the things around you, get up and do something to improve what you can see around you. If everyone did that, everyone would have a good view...