Schwenke to start this Sunday vs 49ers

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    That didn't rank them. That was based off the order he thought they would be drafted.
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    i'm just comparing sizes. No need to bring an argument point from left field chief.
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    wtf... how am I trying to "denegrate" him?

    You guys are impossible to be rational with.
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    I wonder if Matthews or Munchak made this call. Either way I'm glad that they're addressing the fact that Turner is the weakest link on the OL right now.

    The rest of the OL needs to step their game up because even our best player #71 is looking like a pushover out there.
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    As far as size goes Schwenke is actually bigger than the Pounceys, John Sullivan, Max Unger, Alex Mack, and Eric Wood. These are all highly successful Centers so I'm not sure where the undersized comment comes from. Height-wise he's only an inch shorter than most of those guys but he outweighs most of them by at least 10lbs all while running a much faster 40 (4.99) and hitting 31 reps on the bench. He was also an All pac-12 pick in his first year playing the position.

    I'm not saying the dude will be an immediate pro bowler but it's not just homerism to think the guy will be good. To me more than half the excitement comes from the fact that Turner can now play his more natural position of left out. 1/4 comes from the fact that I think he's a solid prospect and the other 1/4 comes from the fact that he will improve with every snap and will be building a rapport with Chance.
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    We better not switch back to Turner if Schwenke struggles either. Don't even think about doing that garbage. This guy is our future center... keep in him in there and let him learn.
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    Actually is basically a glorified blog and those rankings are done by a reporter whose most important NFL job was running the Buccaneers website. While he is a member of the Pro Football Writers Association I wouldn't put him over any other draft analysis. He is just as wrong as Mayock and Kiper.
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    Well here's the thing:

    Even Mayock who is balls-deep in love with the guy - says "I think he can be a starter in the NFL"... he thinks. Not really a condident sounding sense of praise. Not saying "this guy will be a starter" or "he should be a starter"... it sounds more up in the air. As if "maybe, on a bad enough team- he'll get a chance".

    I think he'll be ok.

    But I don't think he's going to be someone to bank on for years ahead. We'll still have to upgrade the position.
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    You're possibly right but in my admittedly limited observation he's a solid enough prospect where it's reasonable to hope for him to be at the very least a decent-good player that prevents us from having to waste a pick on another center rather than improving our team at a more impactful position. If he can be better than Velasco i'll be happy. I like Velasco but that's not asking much.
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