Schwenke not yet on Titans’ radar

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    You could be right, Woods may very well have a better rookie season than Hunter, but its obvious the plan was always to groom Hunter for next year.

    After next year comes and goes we can really know if Woods is better, but til then Im sticking by the GM that drafted Hunter. So far Ruston Webster has been on fire with his early draft picks.
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    I hope you're right. I pride myself in judging which players are better. I think woods will be a better pro WR overall.
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    Well, these 2 players are a classic case of what you see is what you get for Woods versus the much more raw but much higher ceiling Hunter! If you needed a WR right away, Woods was a good choice. If you're trying to hit a homerun for the future and you're willing to take that risk (especially since the titans are so deep at WR), that's a different way to go.

    If Woods was on our team instead of Hunter, I don't think he plays right now and would also be more likely to play in the future barring injuries to the guys in front of him.