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Schifino signs with Texans

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by nigel, Apr 5, 2006.

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  1. nigel

    nigel Back on the bus

  2. dontdraftcutler

    dontdraftcutler We can't be that bad, can we?

    Holy **** they just got a whole lot better!!!! not.
  3. They will still suck like us without McNair and with Cutler o Leinart at QB.
  4. maximus

    maximus Starter

    Maybe he will give the Texans a case of hammypullitis
  5. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    Not sure where he thinks he's going to fit in...they have AJ and the rookie KR, and they just traded for Moulds.

    I guess I'd be happy to be able to say I pulled my hammy for three different NFL teams, too....
  6. Titans2008

    Titans2008 Camp Fodder

    The Texans should be much improved next year. Remember that only one year ago they were 7-9 and appeared to be on the verge of a playoff run. They added Moulds which should help a ton. Andre Johnson will be a true weapon as a number 2 since he's already a legit number 1. They've already signed a few defensive upgrades and are set to draft some guy named Reggie Bush. Don't underestimate them...
  7. nigel

    nigel Back on the bus

    Most likely he realizes he's a better fit for them then he is sitting on his couch. I'd be surprised if he made the team. But at least he's got a chance.
  8. He signed with the Pats last year and didn't stick around. I'd expect more of the same in Houston, but guys with his size and athletic ability tend to get a number of chances.
  9. Gunny

    Gunny vastly inferior superior Tip Jar Donor

    They stole Moulds, getting him for a late draft pick is ridiculous.
  10. Banshee2

    Banshee2 Guest

    Yeah, that's another example of a guy b*tching his way out of an unhappy situation. Corey Dillon set the precedent, TO made it popular, Dante capitalized...Maybe McNair's trying the same thing?:banned:
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